What the yuck? Acne causing ingredients may be in your hair care.

Being an aspiring medical esthetician, I have to be aware of ingredients in skincare. I know more than the average person and I am constantly trying to keep building my knowledge. However, I never really thought about what ingredients have been lurking around in my seemingly alright hair care. Let me tell you ladies and gentleman, I am shocked and I may have even discovered why I’m still breaking out along my jawline and hairline even though I’m so meticulous about my skin. Go and grab your products right now and take a look at that list, especially if you are prone to breakouts like I am. Continue reading


Hey everyone!

I promise I will start making posts within the next couple of weeks, I just need to start taking pictures of everything that I want to review and figure out how I want to organize my new posts. It’ll be much easier once I get back home from college for break as I will have much more help from a friend who is just as makeup obsessed as I am. In the mean time, sit back, relax and check back because I promise I’ll have some cool stuff coming your way! :]