You can’t have too much chocolate.


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder in Milk Chocolate

What Sephora says:

“Too Faced has combined the natural detoxifying effects of real cocoa powder with their signature bronzing pigments to create a lighter version of their bestselling Chocolate Soleil original matte bronzer. The Milk Chocolate shade is perfectly suited for pale to medium skintones for a touch of summer warmth all year-long.”

This bronzer smells just like chocolate! I really could sit at my desk all day long and just take inhale it, it smells that good. But if you’re sensitive to scents, I will warn you that it is pretty strong and it lingers for a little while.  If you love the smell of chocolate and are looking for a fantastic, brown bronzer, check this out. Just promise me you won’t try to eat it.


Too Faced also has an original Chocolate Soleil but fair skin gals like me don’t usually like to wear it because it could turn muddy on our pale skin if accidentally used too much. I actually own the original that I’ll be reviewing in an upcoming post and I love it. But if you don’t, that’s where this beautiful color comes in. Both of these shades are well pigmented so it doesn’t take much to build a strong color. Milk Chocolate Soleil is lighter and applies lovely as a contour and bronzer if you’re around NC15 or below. You may even be able to get away with it if you’re NC20 but if you’re any darker than that it could turn out ashy and I would suggest going with the original Chocolate Soleil. If you’re not familiar with contouring, it works just as perfectly as a bronzer which is how I like to use it! One of my favorite looks to wear it with is with pinks and some bronzy browns because it pairs so well with those warmer shades. I may or may not also imagine that when I’m putting those colors on my lids it reminds me of a raspberry truffle.  If you own the ‘Nude Tude’ palette by The Balm (upcoming post), the colors ‘Stand-offish, Stubborn, Sultry, and Sophisticated’ look fabulous! It’s also a great compliment to a smoky eye look because you can make it subtle enough to not compete with your eye shadow. 


Unblended on left, blended on right

This was actually gifted to me by the lovely Chantell who is going to be our monthly guest blogger. She bought it for me as a surprise for my going away present for college. She knows me so well! I had been pining after it all summer!  This really is such a great addition to my collection because I have nothing like it. This is still one of the only bronzers that I own that has a real brown base and I love that it’s so unique. If you’re in the market for a neutral bronzer but don’t know which one to pick or if other bronzers make you turn orange, this is the one for you. And it smells like chocolate, did I mention that? Seriously, it’s perfect!

Where to buy: Too Faced and Sephora- $29




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