Dangerous Territory.


Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadow in #26

What Armani says:

“This innovative hybrid texture, which is not a powder, nor a cream acts like a smooth, lasting color film. Each shade is intensified with a second pigment for a multi-dimensional effect. In just one swoop, create a wet, shimmering smokey eye. Base color covers eyelid, and second pigment adds drama to the contour. The technology: Color-FilTM,  for the first time in an eyeshadow. A new high resistance bi-polymer enables the formula to perfectly fit the color to the eyelid with cushiony suppleness, for a never seen comfortable long wear. Twenty four hour color wear, crease proof, flake proof, waterproof and sweat-proof,  Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadows slide on, stay on, but wipe off in an instant. Apply wet or dry with fingers or the Armani large eye contour brush.”

 I’m pretty sure this eye shadow put a spell on me the moment I held it in my hands. I knew I had to have it. I’m a complete monster when it comes to bronzes, and this was too stunning to pass up. It was my first look into the wonderful world of Armani, and I didn’t even choke on the $32 price tag because I had been saving up for it as well as the Terra Soleia bronzer all summer long. That was an expensive trip to Bloomingdales but I came out of that adventure victorious and ready to add it to my loot. I saw some jealous eyes as I passed through the long halls of the mall, but a quick ‘shout’ kept them away. Good Lord, I’ve been playing way too much Skyrim for the past few days and am losing my mind. I guess that’s what beautiful makeup does to you, right? Right?


The formula is beyond unique. Armani describes it perfectly as being a hybrid between a cream and a powder. You don’t need to run your finger or brush over the product multiple times to get impressive pigment, in fact, I hardly have to press hard at all to get the look I want to achieve. During the day, I very lightly brush my fingers over the product to get a sheer wash of color on my lids, but come nighttime I build it up for a great smokey eye. You can even wet your finger or brush to make the color more pronounced, and it’s striking. I’ve never had a problem with this creasing or fading throughout the day, even when worn without an eye shadow primer. It really is just a swipe and go product. So it’s perfect for those days when you’re fighting off a bunch of draugrs or invading a bandit hideout, and don’t have time to worry about if your eye shadow needs to be re-applied. It’s got your back, just like your trusty battle axe. Besides, should you really worry if you’re wearing something called, ‘Eyes to Kill’? No one is going to want to mess with you anyway.


Dry swatch

Where to buy: Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and the Giorgio Armani website for $32




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