Bring out your Bronze Goddess!


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer

This was definitely more of an impulse buy for me. Thankfully, I don’t have too many of those, but bronzers are my weakness and it was love at first swatch. I hadn’t checked out the Estee Lauder station too much, I had always associated it with older ladies but I was completely wrong. Tom Pecheux is their new makeup artist and he has been bringing some much needed life back to the brand. So if you have always thought Estee Lauder is for the older ladies, think again. You might have been missing out.

ImageAt the time I was looking for a natural bronzer. One that didn’t lean too orange, peach, pink or red. I know, that’s being pretty picky right? While I was leaving the mall, I just happened to pass by this beauty and I thought it looked pretty (doesn’t take much for me) and so I swatched it. I immediately went, “Holy hell I think I found the bronzer I was looking for.” Chantell just looked at me and said, “Really, you need another bronzer?” but I was hardly paying attention because I was asking an SA for a brush so I could put it on my face. Once I did, I couldn’t stop myself. It was the most gorgeous shade of golden tan I had ever seen. It was just a perfect shade that made me look like I had been in the sun all day and I had just gotten a beach tan. The soft shimmer in it was also a nice highlight and made my face glow. I like matte bronzers but shimmer (not glitter) holds a place in my heart because it can liven up your face like none other if you do it correctly. And this certainly did. It works fantastic with warm colored eye shadows but I find the warmth it adds to my face looks a little off when I wear any cooler colors, but that might just be my preference. It works great as a, ‘my face but better’ look you’re going for, and it even works if you’re doing a warmer colored smoky eye. It just adds that oomph that you need to finish a look. It’s just a great bronzer that’s not too pink, red, orange or peach. It’s juuust right.


Unblended on left, blended on right

For some reason the picture makes it look really red toned but I promise it’s not. Definitely see for yourself!

Where to buy: Estee Lauder for $32




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