The blush to rule them all.


Chanel Fleur de Lotus Joues Contraste Blush

This is the blush to end all blushes. I don’t even like blush that much, but this is a whole different story. When my lovely makeup obsessed bestie Chantell told me she bought this, I immediately envied her. I didn’t think it was justifiable for me to buy a Chanel blush considering I hardly ever wear it, but I am kicking myself hardcore right now. This was one that shouldn’t have been missed. At least Chantell was the best person ever and let me bask in it’s presence to review it for you guys. If you’re not on your computer checking for places where this might still be, I didn’t write my review right. Image

I couldn’t believe how beautiful this blush was to see in person. other blog reviews I had seen didn’t do this justice. Even my blog photos don’t! Chanel really outdid themselves with this, and I wish they had made it permanent so the rest of us mortals can look like angel faced beauties for the day. The color is beautiful, it’s a soft coral with a touch of pink. The shimmer is barely detectable and just adds the most ethereal glow to your cheeks. And it doesn’t just sit there like some blushes do, it adheres to your skin in the most natural way possible. Although, it does sheer out if you are too heavy handed with your brush, so be careful. A delicate blush requires a delicate hand.

This blush didn’t exacerbate any redness in my face, in fact, it just made it look like I had a healthy flush. It livened up my face like no other blush had before and I didn’t even feel like I needed to wear bronzer that day! That never happens. This colors goes wonderful with warm, summer colors like bronzes, beiges, and even more colorful colors like blue and green. I would even say you could get away with wearing a warm taupe with it too, and it wouldn’t color clash too much. It really is such a stunner.


Left unblended, right blended

If you were lucky enough to pick this up early, I envy you greatly! I have tried finding this online with no such luck. I might try to call individual counters to see if they have any left. If I get desperate enough, I might look on Ebay (the horror!).Bring this back Chanel! For those of you who don’t like reading reviews on Limited Edition makeup, I’m sorry. My intention is not to make you mad, it’s to showcase something beautiful. Pretty makeup is pretty makeup, and that’s that.



P.S. If you do happen to find out there are still some left! PLEASE let me know!

P.S.S. I’m sorry the right swatch is so sheered out. It was hard to build up the color and my arm was so cold it just didn’t want to cooperate.


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