Face Mask Friday with my Ultimate ladies (late)


Having fun looking crazy!

Last night I had the best time with my Ultimate ladies! After practice, we made facemasks, drank hot cocoa, ate glazed donuts (yum!) and watched Bridesmaids! All of us had a blast! This post is picture heavy, but I promise they will make you laugh! 


Ingredients for Oat and Banana Mask (Minus the Almond Milk)

This is my favorite mask of all time. I make this mask whenever my face is feeling tight, dry and irritated from the cold weather. It instantly calms it down and whatever dry patches I had before are gone. Oats and aloe help calm your skin and reduce inflammation, and bananas help put moisture back in your skin to combat dryness. The honey is great for sealing the moisture in and the almond milk provides some much needed slip and moisture to the mask as well.

It is easiest to make this in a blender because it allows the ingredients to meld together and create a much thicker mask. I used my Magic Bullet and it blended everything so smoothly!

Oats and Banana Mask

Step 1: Put oats in blender. I never measure out ingredients, but I probably put about 1/2c to 1c in because we had so many people. Usually about 1/4c will do if you’re just making it for yourself for one use.

Step 2: Add mashed bananas in. We put about 1 whole one in, but that’s too much if you’re only making it for yourself. 1/2 a banana at most for once use.

Step 3: Add honey. Use as much as you want. I never measure, but I like quite a bit in mine because it provides such good moisture and it really cements everything together.

Step 4: Add aloe. Again, I don’t measure but if I were to guess how much I put in, I probably put in about 1/8c.

Step 5. Add Almond milk. You can use regular milk, but since I don’t drink it, this was all I had on hand. I think I added about 3/4c.

Step 6. BLEND!


My trusty magic bullet blending everything together!

Step 7. Check on it. If it’s not blending properly, add more milk to it until it does. If it is too goopy, add more oats.

Step 8: Once it’s at the consistency you would like (I personally like it pretty thick), pat it onto your freshly cleansed face until you look as beautiful as we do.


It’s the oat monsters!

Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. You don’t want it to completely dry because it’s the biggest pain in the neck to take off. It’s best if it is still slightly damp when you remove it. All of the girls commented on how soft their face felt after using it, and couldn’t stop touching their skin! After you remove it, gently tone your face and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. We also patted on some pure Aloe Vera before we moisturized as well just to help our moisturizer sink in better. I spritzed a little bit of my rosewater toner on them after they moisturized as well, just because it smelled so good and was the perfect finishing touch.

Next week I’ll be sure to put up my post about the pumpkin mask we used too! That one is another one of of my favorites and I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do.




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