Is that seaweed in my cleanser?


LUSH Aqua Marina Cleanser

What LUSH says: “Do you remember putting calamine lotion on bug bites as a child? Aqua Marina was made with the same principle in mind; using the soothing pink extract to reduce redness and inflammation in sensitive skin. Those who have a tendency to react to citrus or strong herbal oils will find salvation in Aqua Marina’s gentle aloe vera and moisturizing nori seaweed. Especially cooling on sun burnt faces, Aqua Marina is perfect for normal to dry skin types. Your cleanser will remain fresh for up to three months. Always check the expiration date on your product.”

Most people who haven’t had the LUSH experience might think that seeing real seaweed in their cleanser is a little strange. I know that when I went to my Ultimate girls party to make masks, I got many weird looks when I brought this out! But once the girls had tried it, they actually liked it! It goes to show you, that even though something may look a little funny (and smell kind of funky) doesn’t always mean it’s bad. Unless of course you’re putting something rotten on your face, then I wouldn’t try it. I promise this isn’t! 


Yep! That’s real Nori Seaweed!

I was using LUSH’s Herbalism during the summer, but I wanted something more soothing for the winter, knowing that I’d be facing bitter wind and cold. This cleanser exceeded my expectations. Not only did it not strip away my skins moisture when I was cleansing, it left my face softer than I had ever felt before. It still gives me velvety skin every time I use it. What’s even better is that it has helped out my acne. It reduced the redness of my breakouts and heals them much faster than before and does so gently. I couldn’t ask for more out of a cleanser.

It is a bit tricky to get used to if you’re not used to solid cleansers, but have no fear! I’ll break it down easily for you.

1. Pinch a large pea sized amount out of the tub. Make sure to get seaweed and the pink stuff (as I like to call it) when you take it out

2. Run your other hand under some water and lightly put two to three small droplets of water on your cleanser (the one on your fingers, not in the tub) You don’t want to use too much water because it will get too runny, but you don’t want to use too little because it will be hard to spread

3. Rub your fingers together and distribute evenly until both have an even amount of cleanser on them

4. Rub in circular motions across your entire face, avoiding your eye area, for a minute

5. Rinse off! I use my Clarisonic for this part, but rinsing with water will be just fine as well

The only qualm I’ve had with it is that it tends to sting every now and then if I rub it in for too long. It doesn’t make my face red or irritated, it’s just kind of a weird fluke that happens every now and then. If you start to feel it sting while you are using it, start taking it off early. My guess is that it’s the calamine powder that could be doing it, but I haven’t pinpointed it just yet. It’s nothing to worry about though! Usually when it happens my skin just feels extra irritable that day. So don’t let it scare you!

I can’t sing enough praises about this cleanser! It makes my nighttime ritual so much fun, like all of my LUSH products! I adore this whole line and my skin has never looked better.  If you’re near a store, definitely go in and talk to the SA’s! They’re always so happy and ready to answer any questions you might have about what’s best for your skin. Not to mention that the whole store just smells like heaven. Seriously, get yourself in a store, you might never want to leave! I know I don’t when I go!


What’s left of my cleanser!

Where to buy: LUSH stores and online at for $28.95. Quick note, the price varies depending on how much you get. They cut it off of a slab, and for that price, you get 8.8 ounces! It’s a ton!

Ingredients List: Glycerine, Calamine Powder , Kaolin , Irish Moss Infusion (Chrondrus crispus) , Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis) , Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride), Nori Seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) , Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus dulcis), Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin),Carrageenan, Perfume




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