Livin’ the Champagne Life.


Youngblood Luminous Crème Blush:

What Youngblood says: “Give cheeks a burst of color and radiance with this cream-textured blush. The oil-free formula combines a shimmering glow with sheer, long-wearing color. Wear as a cheek color or highlighter, or layer with powder blushes for extra vibrancy”

Youngblood also describes this as a ‘bubbly taupe with a shimmery sheen’. I honestly try to avoid taupe whenever possible and I would not describe this as taupe in the least. It is definitely a champagne color that leans on the warmer side. If you’re looking for a very sexy glow without a ton of glitter or shimmer, this is perfect. Everyone who looks at you will wonder if you secretly just had a glass of Dom Pérignon.Image

I’m going to get this out there, I do not like super shimmery/glittery, noticeable highlighters. The only time I like to wear those is when I’m going out at night because that’s when I feel like I can get away with wearing a bolder look. Usually when I look for a highlighter, I look for ones that have a delicate sheen and very little shimmer. When I found my Youngblood highlighter, I knew I found the one I had been looking for. The consistency is very hard to describe. It’s a very stiff, creamy, powdery gel. It really just has to be seen in person to know what I mean. It’s unlike any other cream or powder products you’ve ever felt, and that’s what makes it so amazing. It doesn’t cake like powder can and it doesn’t fade away like so many creams do. It stays on all day. Another great thing about it is that it doesn’t emphasize pores like some highlighters do, nor does it look like a greasy sheen. It reflects light in the most beautiful way possible on your face. This is the highlighter that all highlights aspire to be. Not to mention it’s talc free, paraben free, cruelty free, fragrance free, gluten free, non-comedogenic/non acnegenic, and oil free. Wow! That was a mouthful of awesome. Seriously though, the whole Youngblood line is amazing and I’ve got a few other goodies to show you guys soon enough.


I promise that the sheen you get from this highlighter is so much sheerer when you just pat it on and you don’t get nearly that much color when you normally use it.

Where to buy: and in select salons/spas for $27




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