Face Mask Friday!


Ingredients you will need for the Brightening Lemon Mask

Hey everyone! This is actually a mask that I just tried for the first time tonight, and has been the most challenging to make thus far. I would definitely say it’s worth it though! If you’re looking to brighten up your skin naturally, look no further. It is a bit on the strong side though, so if your skin is really sensitive, I’d skip it. My friend Miriam and I had so much fun making this mask and I really hope you guys like it! We both loved the smell too, lemon is always so refreshing.


If you can’t tell already, I used an old LUSH container! They’re perfect for these!

I’ve thankfully gotten most of my acne under control (FINALLY!)  but I’ve been dealing with the left over hyper-pigmentation for years. I’ve had 6 chemical peels and have bought numerous products to help my skin out, and they’ve worked! The issue is, since I still have a little bit of acne, I get new marks. When I read that lemon can help with hyper-pigmentation naturally, I knew I had to give it a go. I also added some Vitamin C powder because I heard that it’s also great for exfoliation and dark spots as well. The Bentonite clay detoxifies your skin and really gets the gunk out. What I came up with is really potent, but your skin is glowing when you take it off. Here’s what you will need.

Ingredients: Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Aloe Vera, Bentonite Clay, Vitamin C Powder,  and Honey

Steps: (Estimations are not approximate. I usually just wing it.)

1. Add the dry ingredients first. Add about two teaspoons of Vitamin C Powder, and a tablespoon of Bentonite Clay

2. Add the liquid ingredients next. Add about 1/8 of lemon juice and 1/8 of a cup of Aloe Vera. Then add as much honey as you would like.

3. Rub it on your face. It will most likely be liquid-y and velvety, and will probably sting a little. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.


My beautiful friend Miriam modeling the Lemon face mask for me!

If it’s stinging a lot and it hurts, take it off. Mine stung quite a bit but I’m attributing it to being in a chlorine pool for an hour and my skin was probably more sensitive than usual. The stinging subsided after about two minutes though and sat comfortably on my face the rest of the time. When I rinsed it off, my face felt baby smooth and looked brighter! It didn’t look irritated either, which is awesome. This will definitely be a part of my normal rotation from now on!


The lemon scent made us super cheerful!

Let me know what you guys think! I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday!




8 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday!

  1. You’re so pretty! This is such a wicked recipe too – good job! If you’re looking to fade surface pigmentation something to consider would be microdermabrasion – just make sure the salon you go to knows what they’re doing. Peels tend to work more “in” the skin – and are great for many things – but not so much scarring, unfortunately.

    • You are so sweet, thank you so much! I’ve never had microdermabrasion before but I’ve wanted to try it! I wasn’t able to before since I had huge cysts all over my face but since it’s relatively smooth now, I’m sure I’d be able to get one. I’m glad my face won’t be peeling either for week like after a peel!

      • Yeah – I do peels at home (I’m an esthetician – remember?) – but Microdermabrasion is my saving grace. Oily-skinned individuals usually have thicker, uneven skin – and it really works to smooth it out.

      • You are so lucky you can make your own peels :] I can’t wait to do that someday when I’m an esthetician! I’ll definitely be calling my own esthetician pretty soon to book an appointment for microdermabrasion! Thank you!

      • You want to be an esthetician as well? I didn’t know that – amazing! I don’t “make” my own peels – I just use a 30% glycolic gel (it has some other things in it) – although you can’t buy it for your house, ahaha! My boss gave me a bottle last year and it’s lasted me for friggin’ EVER!

      • I do! I want to be a medical esthetician and hopefully work with burn patients or patients who have had traumas to their skin and help with healing. I’ve got a long way to go though! Darn! I wish I could buy that, that’s a full strength peel! I could see why it’s not available though, you could ruin your skin if used wrong! Someday I’ll be able to do it right!! :] Wow! A bottle has lasted you that long? That must be some seriously awesome stuff!

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