My interview with the Queen.


Bare Escentuals Queen Phyllis Loose Eyeshadow


What Bare Escentuals says: “Go for gold with a range of sun-lit shades that give your eyes a hint — or a splash — of yellow light.”

The title of my post is somewhat of a running joke between my friends and I. Back when I first started my blog, it was the only thing I could think about. One day, I was taking a nap on the couch while my boyfriend did his homework, and he saw me start to wave. Thinking I was awake, he asked me, “Meghan, what are you waving at?” I replied, “The Queen.” I was sleep talking! He decided to see if I’d keep talking, so he continued to ask me questions. So he asked, “Why are you interviewing the Queen?” and I said, “My blog.” I remember none of this, I must’ve been totally out. He couldn’t stop laughing about it for days and told everyone we knew. Maybe someday I will have the chance to interview the Queen! But for now, this eyeshadow in Queen Phyllis is the closest I’ll get, but I’ll take it.


Look at that color! Isn’t it beautiful?

This color immediately caught my eye when I first saw it. I have a soft spot for beige’s and I just had to have it. It was honestly love at first swatch. It’s hard to find a beige that doesn’t lean too pink or too yellowy. Bare Esentuals describes this as a buttercup and I think that it’s the perfect description, and it’s so buttery and smooth that it just blends right in with ease. There is quite a bit of shimmer, but it’s not noticeably glittery and there’s absolutely zero fallout, even without a sticky base! I wore this on it’s own once and it didn’t crease or fade for over eight hours. Talk about a workhorse! I love to use this as an allover lid base color, or if I’m going out for the evening, it’s perfect to wear in my inner corners with smokey bronzes. I even tried it out as a facial highlight today and it works perfect for that as well. It’s so versatile! I definitely want to get more colors!


Look at that gorgeous, shimmery goodness!

There are endless ways to wear this eyeshadow, and if you’re looking for a base color that’s not metallic or over the top glittery, take a look at this. I think everyone should have a color like this.



FOTD wearing Queen Phyllis all over my lids

Where to buy: Bare Escentuals and Sephora for $14




11 thoughts on “My interview with the Queen.

    • You are so sweet! Thank you! :] I’m a bit opposite of you when it comes to makeup, I love my neutrals! I’m thinking of posting a bit of color this weekend though! You’ll have to let me know how I did! You’re inspiring me to change it up a bit!

      • yes definitely..its no harm trying out something new every once in a while, its kinda appreciation to your good looks. sometimes to get praised, sometimes to inspire anyone, sometimes simple to feel good about yourself. I’d love to see you in some color 🙂

      • I’ve been wanting to try out my Emerald Green from L’oreal for a while now, so maybe I’ll dig it out and do a green and gold look :] Who knows! I might just get addicted and decide to do more! Now you’ve got me excited, haha!

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