Blurring Lines and Imperfections.


It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish HD Micro-Powder in Translucent

What IT cosmetics says: “HD Silk Micro Finishing Anti-Aging Powder is infused with Collagen, Vitamin K and Pure Silk for a perfect, poreless, airbrushed finish”

A couple years ago, I never put any type of setting powder over my liquid foundation. I always thought people who did looked, “powdery” or their makeup looked caked on. So I just avoided it. Unfortunately, my makeup hardly lasted 4 hours until it started to slide off and I couldn’t understand why. So I started venturing into the world of translucent powders but I found that I didn’t like any of them! I tried MUFE’s HD Micro Finish Powder (left a white cast) Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening powder (didn’t do anything) and MAC’s Blotting Powder (left a weird sheen on my face). Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy. I did finally find one that works, and I still love, which is Guerlain’s Météorites, but I only wanted to use it for special occasions. So when I heard raves about this setting powder on some of my favorite blogs, I decided to give it a go. You guys, it’s awesome. You need it. 


I just use the puff to keep the powder from spilling out too much. Anyone else do that?

This is not a setting powder that’s going to look caked on, or noticeable in any way. It’s completely colorless and sinks into your skin immediately. I love that it doesn’t leave behind a white glow like some of the other’s do (I’m looking at you MUFE!). It also blurs the looks of your pores and keeps your makeup from sinking into them and any of your lines as well. Nothing is going to make you look completely pore-less except for photo-shop, but I’d say this is pretty close. The feel of the powder is simply divine! It really does feel like silk in powder form, it’s so smooth and buttery. I’ve never come across a powder that is simply as amazing as this. The important thing you need to remember with this is that less is more. Seriously, a little goes a long way! You’ll just be wasting it if you use too much. They do have two other versions that I’d love to look into as well. One is a bronzing powder and the other is an illuminating one. You can bet I’ll be throwing those in my shopping cart next time!


It was so hard to swatch! I really had to build it up and hardly touch it after!

This is well worth a look if you are looking for something to set your makeup with. I can’t imagine being without this anymore! It will probably take me years to get through it since you hardly need any at all, but once I run out, I’m getting more.

Where to buy: and Nakedology for $24




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