Show off those big and beautiful brows!


Anastasia Brow Powder Duo In Strawburn

What Sephora says: “Create beautiful and natural brow effects with Anastasia’s best-selling Brow Powder Duo. This lightweight, sheer to medium coverage formula was designed to be smudge-proof and comes with two shades per compact to ensure the perfect brow color.”

Back when I dyed my hair red, I was at a loss for what color to use on my dark eyebrows because I’m naturally a dark brunette. My eyebrows looked unnatural against my flame tresses and I needed something to look believable without dying them. Back before I tried this powder duo out, I loved Anastasia’s brow gel, but I found it tended to look a bit too metallic-y if I used too much, especially during the day time.Once I found this, I fell head over heels. It’s like cupid shot me with his arrow, and he hit right on target. 


I’m sorry the pan is so dirty, it’s so hard to keep clean!

Some of you who don’t do much to their brows might be thinking, “Eh, it’s just my eyebrows. They don’t make much of a difference one way or another.” And this is where I’d tell you that you’re wrong. So, so wrong. Groomed and well done brows make a huge difference in a look. They completely pull it together, like a great lipstick does. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. I’m sure you’ll quickly see what I mean.

 What I love most about this duo is that it’s customizable. My brows are dark enough to use the dark part of the duo even during the daytime, but if I want just a smidgen of a lighter look, I’ll use more of the left. What you’re really supposed to do though is use the lighter side on your inner brow and then use the darker side to contrast on your outer brow. I personally can’t be bothered with that, so usually I’ll just mix them and call it good. What can I say? I’m just daring. This powder lasts all day and hardly fades! I’ve even had some of it stay on after I wash my face at night, so I know it’s long wearing. It’s also extremely smooth and packs quite a bit of pigment in a single swipe, which can be good or bad depending on how you like your brows. It makes them look natural and put together, and never overdone.


Darker shade on top and lighter shade on bottom

Probably the best part about this brow powder is that I’ve literally had people come up to me and ask me if I was a natural red head. That alone is worth it. Check it out next time you’re shopping!

Where to buy: online at and at Sephora for $22




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