Face Mask Friday! This face mask is bananas!


The ingredients you will need for the Banana+Honey Face mask

Hey guys! I have another super easy mask for you guys tonight, and I promise this one smells really good! You could even eat this mask and it’d probably taste just fine! All you need are two ingredients, an organic banana and organic honey.


Bananas as you already know are extremely healthy when you eat them, but you’re probably never once thought that they could be put on your skin! Well, I’m here to show you that you can! You can even rub the soft side of the peel on your face and get many, many benefits. Bananas contain Vitamin C which helps lighten scars and dark spots, and they also contain collagen which is responsible for keeping our skin elastic and supple. Bananas are also extremely hydrating, and contain the vitamin manganese, which helps fight free radical damage. Honey is known to be antibacterial and is also fantastic for retaining moisture in your skin.

Now to the fun part! Here’s how you make it.

1. Grab a peeled, ripe banana (I used an overripe one because it’s easier to mash) and mash it into a bowl with a fork.

2. Add honey. I used probably two tablespoons worth.

3. Stir it all up!

5. Apply to your face and leave on for 10-20 minutes.

6. Rinse with warm water and then follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

It’s not meant to be a full coverage mask, the banana is really gooey and globs up a little bit. Don’t worry, this is totally normal. Your skin will be so, so soft after you remove it! My face looked amazing when I woke up this morning, and that’s saying something! This is mild enough to be used every night if you’d like, I know that’s what I’ll be doing until I finish it!


My friend Amaya and I modeling our masks!


We just really love bananas, guys.

Whether you guys are going out or staying in, I hope you’re having a lovely night!




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