A tastefully done nude lipstick.


MAC Creme d’ Nude Lipstick

What MAC says:”Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.”

Every year for Christmas, Chantell buy each other a lipstick. This year, I realized I didn’t own a nude lipstick, so off we went to Sephora! Unfortunately, I didn’t find a single nude I was looking for. They had too much brown, or pink, and some even had traces of orange! Yuck! They had nothing in Nakedology either, so off to MAC we went. What I found was exactly what I was looking for, and I mentally smacked myself for not going there first. This is the perfect non-dead looking nude lipstick I’ve ever found, I absolutely adore it. 


I was looking for a nude to wear with smokey eyes, dark bronzes and even just as a normal everyday color. This performs well for all of the above. It’s got enough color in it to prevent your lips from looking corpse-like, but it’s not going to steal the show of your look either. It’s a great compliment to everything. It doesn’t have sparkle, but it’s not completely matte either, which I like. It’s got some life to it. It’s not a drying lipstick, but it’s also not moisturizing, kind of in between but it’s still comfortable to wear on your lips. It can emphasize flakes though, so make sure to properly exfoliate your lips before use.

You know those girls whose nude lipstick looks so awful and pale that it’s almost distracting? This is not one of those colors at all. The color is a gorgeous beige! It does have a hint of pink in it, but not a lot, which I appreciate. And no brown! Yay! The color does add a pretty touch to your face, even if you’re going bare. I wore it today with very minimal makeup and it looked great and didn’t wash me out!


If you’re fair and you’re looking for a nude that doesn’t lean brown or too pink, head over to the MAC counter! This is one you have to see!

Where to buy: In store or online at MAC for $15




4 thoughts on “A tastefully done nude lipstick.

  1. lovely color ! I’m still looking for a perfect nude nude lipstick color on me, I normally mix Revlon Nude Attitude with revlon soft Nude to get a color tht suits me. Most of nude lipstick shades makes me appear washed out ! :s

    • I hate it when they do that! It’s so unflattering! MAC does have a lot of great choices, so if you’re looking to just get one color and not have to mix, I’m sure they’d have one for you! You’re too pretty to be washed out by bad nude lipstick!

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