The keys to the Emerald City.


Sephora Pantone Universe Color Cube Lid Stain

What Sephora says: “With the staying power of a stain, this striking eye shadow and liner is the most pigmented Emerald formula in the collection. The intense color wears comfortably and vividly for a bold, energized look day into night. No matter how you wear Emerald—alongside subtle nudes or in dramatic geometric flashes—its universally flattering tone complements and intensifies every iris.”

When I think of Emerald, I think of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. Everything was so vivid and brilliant! It’s too bad they didn’t have this year’s Pantone collection, because I bet it would’ve made that city even more colorful than it was! Also, forget the ruby slippers! I would’ve had this beauty be the object in the movie the Wicked Witch was after! Besides, it would’ve gone great with her skin tone.


This little pot of Emerald is truly a stunner. When I was in Sephora the other day, I was swatching everything like a mad woman. By reading my blog, you probably know that I’m very cautious when it comes to colors (unlike Chantell) so it was a huge deal for me to literally squeal when I swatched this, and then bring it home with me about 10 minutes later. I couldn’t not go home with it, it’s just that pretty.

The color is truly stunning! It’s a vibrant Emerald with flecks of gold shimmer radiating throughout the product. It’s quite possibly the creamiest eyeshadow/eyeliner that I have ever come across, and quite possibly the most pigmented as well. A single swipe of your finger or your brush yields intense color payoff, and it blends like a dream. I wore it in last weekends look here. It honestly stayed on all night long, and didn’t budge, fade or transfer onto my lid even though I was dancing like crazy. This is definitely a keeper in my book.


If you haven’t even glanced at the new Pantone Universe Emerald Collection yet, seriously run to Sephora. I want one of everything, I’m not even kidding. The prices are phenomenal and the pigment is astounding. They have something for everyone as well, from nail junkies to sheer eyeshadow lovers. Really, treat yourself and go and see it. You know you want to!

Where to buy: Online at Sephora or in stores for $16




7 thoughts on “The keys to the Emerald City.

  1. I’ve had that liner on my Sephora wishlist since it came out. I’ve been pretty skepical about it, and didn’t want to chance ordering something I hated online. Thanks to your wonderful swatch and review, I’ll be picking one up asap. Can’t wait to rock it in the winter. Thanks!

    ❤ Ash

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