The only time you’ll want to look easy.


Benefit World Famous Neutrals-Easiest Nudes Ever

What Sephora says: “These soft, flattering eyeshadows in award-winning creaseless creams and new longwear powder-shadows make enhancing your eyes effortless. The universally flattering shades layer beautifully —and the tips and tricks show you how to create looks for daytime and playtime.”

When I was visiting for my spring break last week, my sister and I went into Sephora to check out a few products. She loves my Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Palette, and she wanted to get one for herself. When she came across this palette, she loved it immediately, and it came home with her. I’m not much of a fan of the mix of cooler and warmer tones in a palette, but it came as a gorgeous surprise to me when I swatched it and loved it. 


Whoops! RSVP is upside down. Sorry about that guys, it’s kind of a rebel shade.

All of these shades are so buttery and smooth. Almost all have some slight shimmer, but none are glittery, which I love. ‘Call My Buff’ is described as a pale shell, and that’s very fitting. It’s a great color for highlighting and blending the darker shades to tone them down. ‘Pinky Swear’ is a matte, pastel pink. It took me a little bit to build it up in the swatch, but it’s a very light and lovely color once the color does show up. However, if you are tan (I’d say above MAC NC25) you might have a hard time getting this color to show up on you. ‘Thanks A Latte’ is my favorite powder eye shadow of the bunch. It’s a warm, golden bronzey brown and really pulls this whole palette together in my opinion. ‘Quick Look Busy’ is a very dark matte espresso brown. I had some blending issues when I was swatching it on my arm, but the color did build up nicely.

I adore the two cream eyeshadows this palette came with. ‘RSVP’ was actually my very first cream eye shadow ever back when I was first getting into makeup, and it was very nostalgic for me to swatch it and fall in love with it again. The color is a fantastic pink champagne, and looks gorgeous when sheered out or built up. It’s a great base color and is extremely smooth and pigmented. ‘No Pressure’ is a lovely golden taupe. I’m not one for taupes but this is one I want to own. The warmer tones keep it from looking too ashy, but it is definitely still a taupe.


Left to right: Call My Buff, Pinky Swear, Thanks A Latte, Quick Look Busy, RSVP, No Pressure!

I am in love with these palettes! They are such a great buy, and the quality is outstanding. You get six eye shadows for $30, while Benefits new single eye shadows cost $20 each. For $10 more, you get five more! Who wouldn’t want to jump on that deal?

Where to buy: online at Sephora and in stores for $30




10 thoughts on “The only time you’ll want to look easy.

    • Haha! There’s still another one of the palettes that is left at Sephora that we don’t have! It’s the Sexiest Nudes ever. Maybe you should check that out :] You would like mine more though, but of course you can steal Angie’s!

    • I personally like my other one better, just because the two pastel shades kind of clash with the others, but it’s still a great buy! The Naked palette is absolutely gorgeous though, it would look great on you. I use it almost everyday!

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