The color shifter.


Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadow Petals to the Metal

What Sephora says: “This alluring spectrum of extravagant shades includes an ensemble of rock-crystal shimmers, velvety hues, and irreverent iridescence. The color-saturated formula of these shadows guarantees maximum color payoff and blend effortlessly when applied alone or when layered.”

When I was home for spring break, we had planned a night to go out on the town to celebrate my 21st. So naturally, Chantell, a few friends and I all had a makeup party to get ourselves ready. Chantell did my friend Jamie’s makeup, and when she was finished, she came to show me what she had done. If you want to see what it looked like, here is the look. I was so enamored with this color that she had on her lids, I had never seen anything like it. I immediately swatched it and fell in love with it straight away. It was one of the most gorgeous color(s) I had ever seen. I had to make it mine. 


What makes this color so unique is that it’s not just one shade. Depending on the light, it changes from green to blue, to a warm brownish-red. I swear I’ve never seen a pressed eye shadow so complex! The finish is on the sparkle side, but there’s only a few stray flecks of glitter, nothing to worry about. However, the sheen this color gives off is so stunning! It’s almost like it’s dancing on water! The color payoff is intense, and not much is needed to make this color standout. It’s also extremely smooth and buttery, making blending effortless.   Jamie’s color stayed true all night when she wore it over NAR’S Smudgeproof. When I wore it over NYX Peal Eyeshadow Base, mine only stayed on for three hours until it creased. I hardly think it was the shadow’s fault, I believe it was the base I wore it with. I will be testing it more in the next few weeks, so I can always report back on what I find.

I tried capturing this chameleon in a few lighting situations, so I hope it helps you to see how gorgeously stunning this color truly is.


Straight on, notice the blue/green flecks are still showing through


The blue is really shining through in this picture


There’s the reddish brown, green and blue

This is an absolute must have. It is fast becoming one of my favorites in my collection, and I can’t wait to use it more often. I can guarantee you won’t find another color like it.

Where to buy: online at Too Faced, online at Sephora and in stores for $18




14 thoughts on “The color shifter.

  1. I love colors like this also! Wet n Wild has an incredibly affordable (and equally as pigmented, if not more) dupe in their “Comfort Zone” palette with 5 other lovely shades. Kat Von D has a whole line of duo-chrome shadows available at Sephora (including another exact dupe), and the MAC dupe is called Club. Just a few options for you incase the Too Faced version gets discontinued 🙂

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