Need a boost?


Physicians Formula Airbrushing Bronzing Veil Bronze Booster Deluxe Edition in Light to Medium

What Physicians Formula says: “Revolutionary Italian technology combines the best features of powder, baked and cream bronzers for the most stunning bronze glow. Delivers a skin-perfecting finish unlike any other bronzer, we had to call it “Deluxe”! Luxurious, light bronze veil melts into skin providing an airbrushed lit-from-within glow that looks so natural it is virtually undetectable on the skin. Glow Activator Technology provides Triple-Action Bronze Boosting that helps to enhance and extend the life of your tan glow and improve skin’s clarity and radiance.”

What it’s formulated without: Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-Free. Paraben-Free. Gluten Free. Oil Free. Dermatologist approved. Non-Comedogenic

I know, you guys are probably all thinking another bronzer? I just can’t stop this obsession, I must have them all! When I saw this reviewed by one of my favorite bloggers, I wanted it. I was at Ulta over spring break and I ran to the Physicians Formula stand, snatched it up and threw it in my bag, happy as can be. I haven’t stopped using it for weeks, I seriously love it that much. It’s the perfect summer color, and it fits right into my bronzer rotation–I know, I have a rotation. I’m a sick person you guys. But you just have to see it!


Look at that detail!

This being a drugstore bronzer, I was extremely surprised at the amount of detail that went into it. The embossed sun is an absolutely gorgeous touch, and really blew me away. None of my bronzers have this amount of detail, and it really goes to show I need to step out of my luxury box a little more and check out what I’ve been missing with the other brands.

This is a shimmer bronzer, but it’s not a disco ball. If you prefer your bronzers more matte, you probably won’t like this. It is one of the more shimmery ones I own, but the shimmer is in no way obnoxious or gritty, it’s very refined. I personally love a little bit of shimmer in my bronzers because it brings the color to life, and while matte is good for contouring, shimmer will always have a special place in my heart. The color is a very warm, golden copper. It’s not a deep bronze in the least, and is in some ways comparable to Dior Aurora without the added peach. You need a very light hand with this bronzer, especially the fair ladies out there. It’s rich in pigment and can look like it’s too much if applied with a heavy hand. It would look extremely stunning on olive complexions as well, although if you are much darker than an olive skin tone, I believe this wouldn’t show up much unfortunately.

I’ve had no issues with this lasting all day, or with fading. I’m extremely pleased that I bought this, and am contemplating a backup. I plan on checking some other bronzers Physicians Formula has to offer as well! I’ve got my eye on the Sexy Booster.


Heavy swatch on left, blended on right

This is absolute love for me. I plan on showcasing it in a FOTD soon, so be ready!

Where to buy: Online at Physicians Formula, in stores at Ulta, and in drugstores for $15.95




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