Flaws on your face? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


OCC Conceal in Y1

What OCC says: More than just a concealer, OCC SKIN:CONCEAL may be the only product you’ll ever need for complexion perfection! Tested behind-the-scenes by the artists at OCC for over two years prior to its release, it’s passed the pro’s test for ease of use, coverage and endurance. Formulated from the finest vegan ingredients available, OCC SKIN: CONCEAL also nourishes and hydrates the skin with Cocoa Extract, Aloe Leaf Extract and Vitamin E for coverage that feels as good as it looks! Perfect for any medium from Digital Photography and Hi-Definition TV to everyday use and wear! Paraben-Free and also free of Silicone, Petroleum and Fragrance.”

I’d heard about OCC countless times considering that they are the makers of Lip Tars–which I still need to get–and when I saw a review on Temptalia for this concealer, I literally bought it the same day. This was my go-to concealer all summer, it’s fantastic. 


I am seriously so pale.

The coverage of this concealer is pretty phenomenal. It won’t cover up as many flaws as my holy grail It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer, but it still offers much more coverage than traditional concealers out in the market today. As you can tell from the picture, it is obviously too dark for me at the moment, and this is the second lightest color option they offer in the yellow based range. It was absolutely perfect for me during the summer, and I could easily wear it alone on the days I didn’t feel like putting on a ton of makeup. It didn’t look like I was wearing concealer, and it blended in flawlessly with my skin. I typically used a flat top brush to first press it into my skin, and then used my fingers to gently pat it and spread it. The warmth from my fingers seemed to really let it sink it into my skin. It covered up dark circles and acne with ease, and while it isn’t necessarily a moisturizing concealer, it’s not too dry either. I had no issues with this fading  or caking throughout the day, however, it did tend to crease just a little bit under my eyes by the end of the day. I always used to set this with powder because it helped it last longer and look smoother, so definitely make sure to set it. It also never clogged my pores, so that really made me fall in love with it! The only issues I had with this concealer was the packaging. For some reason, it was made of cheap plastic and within a month, the cap was breaking off into pieces. I’d never seen anything like it, and with the concealer at risk of being exposed to the air and drying out,  I had to repackage it into an old LUSH sample container. It worked like a charm!

I can’t wait to use this again this summer when I start getting more of a tan. I’ve missed using it and its simplicity to just swipe it on and go in a few minutes. I would definitely check out this concealer. The color range is phenomenal, and you can pick between yellow and red based skin tone colors based upon your needs. Seriously, there is no way that you couldn’t find a color match. Plus, one of these concealers is going to last you years because you hardly need any of it to cover up flaws.  A great concealer for a great price, what more could you ask for?

Where to buy: occmakeup.com for $20




3 thoughts on “Flaws on your face? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  1. I’ve been using MAC concealer for about 3 weeks and its given me spots 😦 Not a good look for my first time MAC buy. Might check this brand out

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