Pretty in Pink.


Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Jolene

You guys might be wondering where my “Face Mask Friday” post is seeing as I’m posting about a lipstick. Fret not, I’ll be posting one tomorrow! I switched it up because my Ultimate ladies and I will be having another ladies night and I get to make the face masks again! Now, onto the lip gloss. I am seriously so obsessed with lip gloss, and when I saw the Anastasia ‘Kisses on my List’ set this past summer, I had to make it mine. The whole set is unfortunately not available anymore because it was limited edition, but you can still buy the lip glosses separate. This is one of my favorites that was sadly limited edition with the set, but I felt like I needed to show it off considering I wear it so often. 


This isn’t your normal, everyday, sticky gloss. It does have some tackiness, but not enough to be obnoxious. It’s highly moisturizing and leaves your lips looking soft, plump and hydrated. Whenever I look in the mirror to check my makeup, my eyes are always drawn to this gloss when I’m wearing it. Yes, it’s that pretty. The color is a gorgeous, shimmery rose pink, and it deepens as you wear it. It fully embodies a dark pink rose once you wear it around for a little bit, and then once the gloss starts disappearing around an hour or so, it turns into a stunning stain that lasts for an extra hour or two. It also doesn’t leave the ring of death as it disappears either. Of course I wish the gloss had a longer wear time, but it doesn’t bother me to reapply, it is a gloss after all.


These glosses are so worth it! I’ll be showing a few more in the upcoming weeks, but in the mean time, you should go and check them out for yourself and see which colors you like the best!

Where to buy: online at Sephora and Anastasia, and in stores at Sephora for $18




8 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink.

  1. Lovely !Your lips are so pretty naturally. Mine are a bit pigmented and such colors doesnt really show up well !! I have few lipsticks in baby pink/light pink with shimmer. They appear more like beige-pink on my lips :p Matte ones look better !

    • Thank you! :] At least you can get away with going out without a lip color! I have to wear a little bit of something or else I look dead! What’s your favorite matte lipstick? I haven’t found a fantastic one yet!

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