My Golden Warrior.


Victoria’s Secret Lustre Silky Eye Shadow in Pure Honey

What Victoria’s Secret says: “Unveil eye-catching color. Pigment-rich formula drapes lids in pure color and an alluring glitter effect.”

For as pale as I am, you think I would stay away from deep bronzes and golds, right? Nope! I break the rules by wearing colors that may be deemed too warm for me, and 99% of the time, I love how they look on me. This would be one of those colors, and just so happens to be my favorite gold eye shadow that I’ve ever owned. Some of you may have not even known that Victoria’s Secret sells makeup! Their bras are not the only thing that are worth a look. 


Battered and bruised but still going strong!

As you can see, this eye shadow has gotten a lot of love over the years. I wore this continually in high school, and I’ve just recently rekindled my love for it last fall. It looked absolutely perfect with all of the fall colors, and I’ve loved using it this spring as well! It’s a stunning copper gold that can pull a little orange depending on how much you use and with what colors. I honestly don’t notice the orange that much considering I don’t have to use a lot to get the look I am wanting. It is shimmery, but it’s not obnoxious, and it makes the shadow really stand out in the sun. A few light brush strokes over my lids are all that I need for that warm glow.

The feel is extremely silky, and almost to a fault considering that I sometimes have to dig a little bit to get more pigment but I don’t mind because it makes me not overdo it. However, the blend-ability is phenomenal, I never have to worry about it being tough to blend out or stick to any part of my eye. You absolutely must wear this over a base though, because it will fade and crease without something to hold on to, but once your eyes are prepped for shadow, this color lasts all day.



If you are looking for the perfect gold for summer, this is it. It looks phenomenal on all skin tones in my opinion, even the very pale when used lightly. So don’t be afraid of this color in the least. Definitely go and swatch it the next time you are at Victoria’s Secret, you will love it. I will be showcasing my other favorite gold Provocateur soon, so be on the look out!

Edit: For better swatch photos, please see comparison shots on Provocateur’s post , the lighting really captured the color much better than these. Stupid cloudy days! 

Where to buy: Online at Victoria’s Secret and in stores for $12. This particular color is not showing up online but I know I have seen it in stores, which is strange. I might call and ask to see if they are discontinuing it. If they are, I’m stock piling more so I won’t cry myself to sleep at night.




5 thoughts on “My Golden Warrior.

  1. VS is one of the best kept secrets 😉 Glad you found a great color. I have a bronzer and a blush of theirs that I fell in love with.

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