So provocative.


Victoria’s Secret Sparkle Eye Shadow in Provocateur

What Victoria’s Secret says: “Unveil eye-catching color with this must-have shimmer eye shadow. Pigment-rich formula with satiny texture drapes lids in pure color and an alluring finish. An absolute beauty essential.”

Yesterday I showed you my favorite golden eye shadow Pure Honey, and today I’m going to show you another irresistible  eye shadow that Victoria’s Secret offers. If your pulse didn’t quicken after seeing yesterday’s swatches, these will make your heart stop. 


Just as battered and bruised as Pure Honey, but equally as loved

I have to admit, I loved both Pure Honey and Provocateur when I was initially deciding which one to get. My love for golden bronzes led me to buy Pure Honey first but it was only a few days later that I realized I couldn’t be without Provocateur either and I returned to buy it as well. The color combination is truly stunning together, I couldn’t have picked a better pair.

Provocateur is a bronze rose gold with a ton of shimmer and some glitter particles. If you are not a fan of shimmer eye shadows, definitely stay away from this one. I can tolerate the glitter because the color looks like shimmering sands, and literally dances on my lids in the sun. However, there is some minor fall out, so be prepared to see some minor glitter flecks underneath your eyes during the day. That’s really the only negative about it though. The pigment is soft but buildable, and the blendability is just as easy Pure Honey. It’s extremely soft to the touch and just melts on your lids. It still needs a base to last all day, but once your lids are properly prepped, it will definitely be there by the end of the day, albeit just a little bit faded.



I have some comparison swatches of Pure Honey and Provocateur together for you to see.

They really do make a stunning pair, don’t they?


Provocateur on left, Pure Honey on right


Provocateur on left, Pure Honey on right

As you can see, Provocateur is much, much more shimmery than Pure Honey. It really lives up to its shimmer claims, while Pure Honey is most indeed a true lustre. Both are stunning though, and I believe it’s worth it to own both.

Where to buy: Online at Victoria’s Secret and in stores for $12




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