Blissful Blues.


Jordana Easyliner Retractable Pencil in Bliss

This was definitely an impulse buy. I was browsing Walgreens a couple months ago and I noticed they were having a massive sale on haircare, so I went and bought a deep moisturizing mask, and a smoothing creme. Not wanting to be done shopping, I also checked out these little liners near the register. I’d been looking for a blue eyeliner, so I scanned the selection and finally picked out one I thought would be pretty. For $1.99, I wasn’t expecting anything by Sephora’s standards, but I thought I’d try it out anyway. What a great little budget buy! 


It used to be rounded until I broke off the tip….

This liner is smooth to the touch, and has a stiff but slightly creamy texture. It’s not going to immediately melt into a creamy mess when it touches your eyes, but it does drag a bit. It is not very pigmented, and requires a few swipes to really get the color to show up, so if you want your liners to be in your face pigmented, this is not the liner for you. The color is a gorgeous sky blue once it is built up though, and has a lovely soft sheen to it. There’s no glitter, no shimmer, just a pretty sheen. I really love the color, and wore it the other day with some golds and got quite a few compliments. It reminds me of spring and summer! It does fade during the day, but not a lot and it stayed on well from the early afternoon to midnight, even after a few margaritas.


Left to right: Built up four times, one swipe, two swipes

Oddly enough, this is almost a dead on dupe for Sephora’s Waterproof liner in Flashy Blue which my roommate owns. I was extremely surprised! The only differences are that Sephora’s is waterproof and has more of a shimmery look, otherwise, the color is spot on. Here is a comparison shot.


Jordana Bliss on left, Sephora Flashy Blue on right

If I had to choose between the two, I’d spend the extra six dollars and buy Sephora’s but that’s just because it’s waterproof and longer lasting. However, I do foresee myself buying more Jordana liners in the future because they are very low budget and they work. If you’re looking for a budget liner, this is definitely the brand the check out. They’re also cruelty free for those of you who watch what they buy!

Where to buy: Drugstores around the country and online at Jordana for $1.99




3 thoughts on “Blissful Blues.

    • I agree! I’m such a wimp when it comes to colors, so I’m trying to branch out and I thought colorful eye liners would be a good place to start. Surprisingly, I find myself reaching for it more than I thought! :] Any great budget finds for colorful eyeliners? I wish we had Marcelle and Lisa Watier down here in the states! I’d be all over those lines!

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