Spring Tag!

Both Chantell and I were tagged by the lovely Saman from ColourObsession to do a post on some of our favorite spring trends and accessories. Spring has definitely left where Chantell and I are and has been replaced with our usual dry and hot summer. Luckily, these products will still be with us long after the hot sun has gone down.


Favorite Spring Nail Polish and Perfume

Meghan: I absolutely adore the colors yellow and orange. They just scream summer to me and they are so happy and bright. I hardly ever paint my nails but I decided to stop being lazy for once and jump into summer with this bold hue. My sister was sweet enough to paint a flower on my thumb and ring finger and I loved it! I used Three different Sally Hansen colors here–Lightening, Lite and Crushed.

My favorite perfumer of the summer has to be La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. The lovely smell of Iris combined with Orange Blossoms and Jasmine is absolutely divine. I feel beautifully feminine and makes the perfect accompaniment on a warm, summer day.

Chantell: Like Meg, I rarely ever do my nails but I saw this idea on pinterest and had to “recreate” it. And by recreate I mean make a much, much simpler version. I’m never shy to the so-bright-they-literally-glow-in-the-dark colors on my toes, but I hate seeing chipped fingernails, so I generally pick lighter, neutral tones for my hands. For this look I used Sally Hansen Royal Blush and N.Y. Colors in Sparkling Diamonds on the tips.

My perfume collection just would not be complete without this scent! I bought Coach Poppy Blossom as a birthday present to myself in September, so while it’s not exactly a spring release like the Lancome, the smell takes me straight into June. It has notes of strawberry, freesia, and vanilla that combine to make the most refreshing floral scent. Unfortunately it is limited edition so I savor every spray.

Favorite Spring Lipsticks 


Meghan: I’ve already written about my love affair for my Anastasia lip gloss in Lola. I cannot stop wearing it! It’s the perfect icy pink for summer and drenches your lips in moisture to  combat the dry air. The gorgeous stain it leaves behind stays on well after a few cocktails as well and only intensifies when I apply the gloss again. I will never be without this!


 Chantell: I previously posted on this lipstick in my Easter post, but it’s too good not to give another spotlight. YSL Corail in Touch has quickly become such a staple in my spring and summer makeup collection. It’s so smooth and moisturizing, sometimes I think it’s more of a balm, but as you wear it through the day it almost stains your lips for super long lasting color. And my favorite part? It tastes like melon. What’s more spring than that?


Favorite Spring Flower


Meghan: I told you guys I love the color yellow! My favorite flowers definitely have to be Daffodils. Just seeing the bold shade of golden yellow makes me so happy! I was ecstatic to know that my university is covered with daffodils when spring arrives, and it made the campus even more beautiful than I ever thought was possible.


Chantell: Spring just would not be the same without a garden full of my favorite red Salvias. They are my favorite for two reasons. One, they’re beautiful, obviously. Two, they attract butterflies and hummingbirds like wolves on a carcass.

Favorite Spring Scarf/Accessory


Meghan: I get way too hot in the spring and summer to wear a scarf, so I usually stick to necklaces. I adore this necklace my mom bought me for graduation a few years back. It may be simple but I think it really captures how I feel about nature and the true essence of summer.


Chantell: I am definitely a bracelet girl. My wrists are usually covered with ones made from various materials like leather and wood that I collect from my various adventures, but it gets a little too hot to wear them this time of year. That’s why I was so excited to find this one on my trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida. It’s so bright and summery and I think I’m in love!

What spring trends are you most excited about (makeup, fashion or both!)


Meghan: To be honest, I hardly ever follow what’s the latest and greatest in fashion. I do love bringing out my spring dresses though, I practically live in them during spring and summer! Here’s a little known fact about me that you might not know–I hate pants. As for makeup trends, I’m excited to see the bold lip and blush colors coming out to play. You can bet I’ll be rocking the fuschia, and hopefully be bold enough to try playing with more colors on my eyes. I think a few glittery eye shadows from Lit Cosmetics might help to get me started.


Lipstick swatches

Swatches from left to right: Nars Barrow Street, Stila Turqoise, YSL Corail In Touch, Anastasia Lola

Chantell: Spring colors! I’m so excited to see so many pastels and neon brights in everything from clothes to makeup. My closet and makeup bag are definitely lacking breathing room. I was super excited to find Barrow Street from Nars, this liner almost looks inspired by my favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip.

Favorite Spring Candle


Meghan: I will be totally honest with you, I almost never burn candles. I abhor the Yankee Candle Store and just about every other candle store in existence. The fragrances irritate my sensitive nose and most of the time are sickly sweet, so I stay away. However, I do love essential oils and adore putting lavender and rose on my pillows at night, and incorporating them into my facial steamers as well. I do think the two candles pictured above do smell nice, so I’m glad Chantell could at least convince me that they aren’t all bad!

Chantell: My counters are covered with candles – in the winter. By spring they are replaced by vases of flowers straight from my garden. We’ve had such a hot spring this year though, that I’ve kept these two soft, wintery scents by the Yankee Candle Factory out to remind me of cooler weather.

What is spring like where you live?

Meghan: Our saying here in Idaho about the weather is “Wait 10 minutes.” Honestly, it can be really nice in the morning and be hailing and raining the rest of the day. It comes out of nowhere. This spring has actually been a mix of really beautiful and then wondering why we’re getting snow in the middle of may. Welcome to Idaho.

Chantell: Spring can never make up its mind around here. One year we might have a plethora of rain, and then there are springs like this one, it’s definitely a drought year. But I love spring every year all the same. The ponds fill with ducklings and goslings, the sky looks just a little bluer, and even I start to believe in the idea of a summer romance.

Any plans for spring break?

Meghan: I came down for my spring break back in late march, so it’s way past that now. I plan on celebrating this summer with great company, delicious food and mixed drinks. I also plan on spending many of my hours on the back of my horse, so hopefully I can do all four at once!

Chantell: So far spring has been quite eventful. I took the most amazing, spectacular, remember it forever vacation. Jamie and I stayed five days in Orlando, spending our days as children in five different theme parks, and our nights dining at elegant restaurants and drinking margaritas with locals. I will definitely be doing a post to brag a little about that. I can’t wait to see what summer has waiting.

Since it’s summer, I’m not sure if this tag should be going around anymore. I hope to see a summer tag coming up soon! This was really fun! I’ve missed everyone these past few weeks, I’m glad to be back on the beauty blogger band wagon again!




3 thoughts on “Spring Tag!

  1. Thankyou so much Meg and Chantell for the lovely post ! I hope Chantell had a great vacation. Loved your choices ! Especially the lip colors and accessories. Meg I’d love to see If you try some glitter on eyes 🙂 Thanks again lovelies

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