Get your Groove on!


Silk Naturals Groove Eye Shadow

What Silk Naturals says: “Groove is intensely shimmery, and has an underlayer of brown capped with sparkley, shimmery green and gold.  It goes wonderfully with Shimmy.  This one is limited edition- as soon as I made it I found out that the pigment has been discontinued by the manufacturer.”

I am absolutely in love with this color. I plan on buying a back up since it’s being discontinued because I plan on having this color in my life forever. It looks absolutely stunning with my hazel eyes, just wait until you see the color! You’ll be wanting to wear this ordering a dirty olive martini after this for sure.


Groove is definitely a dirty, golden olive shimmer (not glitter). It’s truly stunning and complex. There are hints of gold, blue, and red flecks throughout the whole eye shadow, and really play up the light when worn. When worn wet, the color intensifies and really brings out the olive color even more! I wore this to my sisters graduation the other day, and I wish I could have gotten a picture! I wore it wet and then ran Smog from Urban Decay on my outer corners and crease–absolutely a look that got me noticed. I had no issues with it creasing or fading when worn over a primer, and the colors danced on my eyes well into the night. I can totally see myself wearing this all summer!


Left: dry, Right: wet (Same in bottom photo)


Look at that gorgeous shimmer!

I highly suggest if you love this color to order it before it’s gone. I know I will be!

Where to buy: online at Silk Naturals for $3.00




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