You’ll have to go to confession to wear this sinful eye shadow.


Silk Naturals Eye Shadow in Sinner

What Silk Naturals says: “Sinner has a sheer dirty black base with gold, silver and copper glimmers.  It really needs to be worn over Stick ‘Em to avoid fallout, and I’ve been preferring to wear it all by itself with just a ton of mascara, and a nude lip.”

This is one of those eye shadows that can really stand out depending on how you wear it. It can look very angelic when used sheer-ly, but can bring out your devilish side when you wear it wet. How will you choose to wear it?


 The description of Sinner is very close to how I would describe it, however, I wouldn’t say that it has a black base. I would describe is as more of a copper/dark brown base. The gold, copper and silver glimmers are extremely pronounced when this shadow is worn wet, and it looks almost like a completely different shadow when worn dry. I actually love that part about this eye shadow! I can wear it sheer during the day and then really go all out for a night on the town. It’s so versatile. Chantell wore it dry the other night over an eye shadow primer and it lasted all night with no fading or creasing. It really brought out the blue in her eyes! I still have yet to play around with it on my eyes, but I plan on using it in a look I have planned very soon.


Left: Dry, Right: Wet


You can see how sheer when used dry, but I really think it’s gorgeous! And when used wet, it’s simply stunning

This is one of those eye shadows I think everyone should have in their collection. It’s so versatile and will look good with cooler colors and warmer colors. I can’t wait to wear this all summer!

Where to buy: online at Silk Naturals for $4.50




7 thoughts on “You’ll have to go to confession to wear this sinful eye shadow.

    • Hey Saman! I’ve missed talking to you too! Things have been really busy for me lately, but I’m trying to get my blogging back to normal! How have you been? I haven’t seen your posts lately! Everything alright?

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