Hey there, Sweet Talker.


Silk Naturals Eye Shadow in Sweet Talk

Way back when my hair was a dark brunette color, I adored lavender eye shadow. It looked perfect with my hair and my eyes! But then when I dyed my hair red, I found that I didn’t quite like the look on me anymore. I’ve been pretty much slapping myself in the face for that moronic idea because this is one of the prettiest eye shadows I’ve bought to date. Ooops! Is my lavender loving side is showing?

ImageSweet Talk is a stunning shimmery lavender. The pigment is lovely when used wet and dry, but the color doesn’t really deepen or change when used wet. I personally don’t mind, but for those of you that want more of an ‘oomph’ from your color, this won’t give it to you. It looks very delicate when worn and just screams summer. I wore it the other day with some darker purple eye liner, a ton of mascara and bronzer and got quite a few heads to turn when I was walking downtown. For someone like me who doesn’t wear a lot of color, I have to say that I did love how it really brought out the hazel and gold in my eyes. It lasted all day over a primer without creasing or fading in the heat, which is a huge plus in my book!


Left: Dry, Right: Wet, same in bottom photo


I just love how delicate and summery it looks

I can’t seem to find Sweet Talk online anymore. I believe it was a Last Chance eye shadow, so please don’t hate me if she did end up discontinuing it! I did just buy it last week, so I can’t imagine that it has already been taken down. However, there are a ton of other gorgeous lavenders on there as well that are definitely worth taking a look at! So if you haven’t already checked out the site, you need to. These shadows are amazing and I’ve been pleased with every single one of them so far. Here’s the link, so go and show the site some love!




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