Face Mask Friday! Wild Rose and Honey.


Wild Carrot Herbals Wild Rose and Honey Mask

What Wild Carrot Herbals says: ” Honey is loaded with enzymes to feed the skin and acts as a mild exfoliant.  A honey mask will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished.  It is not drying and a great choice for those with sensitive skin, or rosacea.  Use by itself or with our wild rose clay mask.  Contains raw honey infused with rose otto essential oil.  Delicious.”

This mask was gifted to me by one of my friends up at college for my birthday! It was no secret to my suite mates that I loved facial masks (helllooo garlic mask on the first week of school!) and I was overjoyed to not have to make a mask for once and save myself some time! It’s a beautiful little mask, and I’m grateful that I discovered this great brand as well. 


 This mask is crazy thick! It recommends that you use water to make it a bit more runny, but I’m usually just too lazy for that and just put this on just like any other mask. Plus, I don’t like to dilute my masks, I’d rather be reaping all of the benefits I possibly can from masks. It feels like a very thick honey, but spreads very easily all over my face without any issues. The smell is absolutely divine! I can smell the wild rose and combined with the honey, it’s one of the best smelling facial masks I’ve ever owned or tried (I’m looking at you Spirulina!) However, if you are sensitive to scents, I would try to smell this before you buy, just to make sure it’s not going to overwhelm your sensitive nose or skin.

Be sure to wear this mask with your hair pulled tightly back to prevent any fly-aways from getting stuck in the mask! I can’t tell you how many nights I have to wash my hairline as well as my face because I don’t properly tie my hair back! Let me tell you, honey is not the funnest to get out of your hair. I usually leave this on for as long as I have time for. I’ve left this on for upwards of two hours when I was writing a long essay, and it didn’t crack or flake off my face. It stayed moist from when I put it on, to when I took it off and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all for those two hours either. My skin always feels so smooth and soft when I rinse it off and my skin looks much more supple and radiant in the morning. It’s been great for my inflammatory acne too, because honey is antibacterial and also helps calm skin, so this is a great go to if your skin is misbehaving.

All in all, there is nothing about this mask I can fault! It’s absolutely amazing and a great alternative for all of you guys and gals who just don’t have the time to make homemade face masks. You can also buy a kit online and put some wild rose clay in it as well! I’m going to remember that when I repurchase this!

Where to buy: check your local co-op and online at Wild Carrot Herbals for $7.99




14 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday! Wild Rose and Honey.

    • Nope! It has never dried out my skin in the least. Honey is amazing for dryness, I use it all of the time in my masks. You can even put plain honey on your face and it will help if your skin is dry 🙂

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