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Hey everyone! My great blogger friend Luchessa started a weekly Sunday post where she recommends all of her favorite posts of the week. I thought it was such a great idea and a great way for all of us to get to know each other, so I decided to do my own as well! There were many amazing posts this week and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Bliss With Beauty aims on showing that curvy girls can rock any look they want. She looks positively lovely in these adorable outfits! My favorite is the crop-top look, it’s so chic and simple. She makes me want to run out and go shopping!

Britanie from Beauty By Britanie showcases one of the most gorgeous smokey eyes I have ever seen. The shimmering smokes combined with the bronzer in her crease is just perfect. I also love her slight wing tipped eye liner! This look was also created using all natural products, which makes it even more of a win in my book! Her pictures with her little dog at the end just melt my heart too. Such a sweetheart!

Tracy from Beauty Reflections gives us a look for the new Lisa Watier summer collection and OMG is that bronzer to die for. You guys all know what a bronzer hoor crazed beauty blogger I am and this one needs to be in my bag for summer. It is absolutely gorgeous! That dry oil sounds divine as well, and would be perfect for those summer nights! That bronzing gel is calling my name too. My wallet is going to be hurting this summer.

Vera from Avec Veritas is looking like a show stopper in this vibrant pink lipstick. Her skin is radiant as well, always such a stunner. Her trip to Isanbul sounds amazing too, and I love looking at her pictures! I love how colorful the city is, and her lipstick definitely looks perfect against the background of the colorful houses and streets.

Saman from Colour Obsession wore the most gorgeous look I’ve seen on her in a long time. a She looks good in just about any color she picks, but her true beauty stood out with this neutral look she recreated from Rose Huntington. I was mesmerized. I also need to get my hands on that Illamasqua Sealing Gel, it would be perfect for my loose powder eye shadows!

Luchessa from Beauty Expression by Luchessa showed off her four favorite things in May and I just want to say that I want everything she showcased, especially that lip balm! I can’t wait to see her post on the YSL purple mascara as well, it sounds too awesome for words. I wish we had cool European brands over here!

There were so many lovely posts this week, and it was so hard to choose my favorites. Everyone on wordpress has been so warm and kind, I have loved getting to know all of you! I love how all of us have our own personalities to our writing, it makes for enjoyable reads all around! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday, and I will see you all soon! Happy Reading!




11 thoughts on “Read all about it!

  1. Ohh thank you so much for including my post, you’re lovely! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. This is such a good idea, especially in the WordPress community as everyone seems to come together rather than be rivals! xxx

  2. Thanks for the link love! I just got back from California a couple of days ago so I missed this! You rock babe. xoxo

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