As lovely as a Kingfisher’s plumes.


Silk Naturals Eye Shadow in Kingfisher

What Silk Naturals says: “Kingfisher has a navy base, with aqua green highlights, and aqua glimmers. It’s a nice liner color by itself- a great, incredibly interesting color.”

You guys know me, I’m really not a huge fan of colors at all. However, I’ve been trying to incorporate it more into my looks thanks to my many wonderful blogger friends, especially the lovely Saman from Colour Obsession. So when I saw this color on Silk Naturals website, I immediately fell in love with it and I knew I had to give it a try. 


Now, I’m sure some of you are looking at this in the pot and thinking that it doesn’t look to be very pretty and a dupeable color. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. This color is highly complex and my pictures certainly don’t do it justice. It’s a gorgeous navy blue with deep teal shimmer. When worn wet, that’s when the color really starts to shine and the teal becomes much more pronounced. When worn dry, the shimmer isn’t as nearly noticeable and it looks mainly navy. Kingfisher stays on well throughout the day with only minimal fading but absolutely no creasing. I have a strong urge to wear this as a liner with a bold red or burgundy lips! I think that’s what my next look will be!


Left: swatched dry over primer Right: swatched wet


Kingfisher worn as a liner over Bare Escentuals Queen Phyllis Eye Shadow

This is one of those eye shadows that has to be seen in person to experience the true beauty of the color. It’s not just another navy, I can promise you that and is definitely worth a look. You’ll for sure be seeing this featured on an upcoming FOTD!

Where to buy: online at Silk Naturals for $4.50




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