Is that makeup on my nails?


After spending a few long sessions on Pinterest, scrolling through pages of cute nail art and envying the craftiness and steady-handedness of some people, I decided to give it a go myself. Being such a fan of glitter I had to do something sparkly yet still summery too. After all, It was the first day of summer when I battled the paint with endless amounts of acetone and cotton balls. I found the perfect mint chocolatey chip color that looked oh so delicious with the gold Lit Cosmetics glitter I already owned.

Want to try it out yourself? I know you do… Here’s how to do it.

1. Start with one or two layers of color. I did two to even out any sheerness and really build the pigment.
2. Add a layer of clear polish or a top coat.
3. Acting quickly before the top coat dries, use a large eyeshadow brush to carefully, and very lightly, pat on glitter. You can be quite generous with it as you build the coverage.
4. Wait until the top coat is completely dry before applying another layer to seal in the glitter. Make sure to also coat the tips to prevent from any glitter fallout or chipping.

Voila! It’s that easy.
Chantell Nicole


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