Pass the Bubbly.


LUSH Liquid Lipstick in Bubbly

What LUSH says: “A fun, flirty pink that has a subtle shimmer. Wear it lightly for a more translucent look, or apply generously for a brighter color that reminds you to be cheerful and high spirited. The moisturizing jojoba oil and rose wax base ensure lips stay soft and smooth. Because this creamy lipstick is so versatile, many of us have been using it as a blush. Just dot a small amount on the cheeks and blend well. Bubbly; Laugh out loud.”

I will admit, this was not one of the colors that was chosen for me when I spun the Emotional Brilliance Wheel at LUSH. I know, I’m such a cheater. But, it was just too beautiful not to add to my bag! I loved the name, the color and once I put it on my lips I knew I was sold. It’s such a bright and fun hot pink for summer, and if you don’t have a flirty pink for summer, get on this ASAP.Ā 

ImageI absolutely adore a hot pink lip! You can dress it down and you can dress it up, there’s no way you can go wrong. I personally love wearing it with a lot of bronzer, a minimal nude eye and glowy skin–you can’t beat it. It’s so fresh and fun for summer!

This lipstick color is seriously hot. It’s a bright fuchsia pink that just screams for attention. It’s not matte nor does it have shimmer, I would call it more of a lustre. It just shines! When worn at full pigment, it definitely makes a statement! It also looks pretty when sheered out, it becomes a pretty and light, rose pink. What I love most about this lipstick is that it’s not drying in the least! The jojoba oil in it keeps it moisturizing and my lips just drink it up. The feels is very strange! It feels like a waxy dry oil, if that makes any sense at all! The color lasts all day as well and leaves behind the most gorgeous stain I’ve ever seen in a lipstick. It also doesn’t leave that dreaded, “ring of death” that so many lipsticks like to leave behind, instead it fades evenly and slowly.



I have another color to show you guys soon, and it’s just as hot as this one. You won’t find another lipstick stain that will last nearly as long as this one does, and look fantastic the entire time. This is worth a look!

Where to buy: online at LUSH and in stores for $18.95




8 thoughts on “Pass the Bubbly.

    • It’s with their new Emotional Brilliance collection! They have eye shadows, highlighters, lipsticks and skin tints! You should take a look Caroline! It’s fun to spin the wheel and have your fortune read :]

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