Primed and perfect on a budget.


Jesse’s Girl Eye Shadow Primer

What Jesse’s Girl says: “Your eyes, like an artist’s canvas, require a primer for best results from your vibrant color palette. Jesse’s Girl Eye Shadow Primer provides a silky, crease proof base for smoother application and long lasting color.”

I cannot live without eye shadow primer! However, I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for one either. NAR’s Smudgeproof is by far the most expensive I’ve bought, but Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance are right up there as well. On a college student’s budget I just can’t afford to buy something so small for that expensive! I’d much rather be spending that on bar drinks wholesome juices. So when I read a review about Jesse’s Girl primer being just as good as all of the above for super cheap, I knew I needed to try it. So, does it work?


 Hell yes it does! This stuff wears just as well as those other pricey primers out there for more than half the price. It feels a lot like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in my opinion, very silky and silicon-y. It has a pinkish hue to it but dries down clear and smooth. It doesn’t separate like Too Faced Shadow Insurance but there is some build up on the top near the cap, but that hardly bothers me. My shadows do not crease all day and all night. I’ve even accidentally slept in my eye makeup before and my eye shadow was faded but not gone by the next morning. It improves the intensity of my eye shadows as well, but if I was to be really nit picky, I would say that it could make them just a bit more vibrant.

Overall, this is one budget product you really need to get your hands on. I adore it and it works extremely well, even in the summer heat. You need it.

Where to buy: online at Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics and at Rite Aid for $5.99




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