My favorite color is Neon…wait, Neuron?


Silk Naturals Neuron Eye Shadow

What Silk Naturals says: “Neuron is full of sparks!  It’s a medium teal shade with a pearl finish, slight golden overlay and tons of blue twinkle.”

Does anybody else listen to country? I seriously love the song “Neon” by Chris Young and it always seems to get stuck in my head. Not to mention, he is seriously good looking. I always want to call this color Neon but then I have to sit and correct myself, and right around then is when that song gets stuck in my head. This color is just as addicting as the song and with this summer only getting hotter, I feel as if I’m going to have to bring this out to keep up with the heat. 

ImageAs many of you know, I am not very fond of wearing bright colors. After years of battling with acne (and I still do) I don’t like to attract that much attention to my face, especially during a break out. I just feel as if it looks like too much. However, I feel like I need to step out of my comfort zone and just try things–which is where Neuron comes in. It’s a gorgeous light teal with green shimmer and sparkles. It screams for attention. While I’m not one to wear such a bold color all over my lid, I love it on top of a black cat eye and as an accent on my lower lash line. It’s bold without being over the top and really accentuates my eyes.

This is one color that stays on, so much so that if you don’t use a primer it kind of stains. So definitely prep before hand. However, this will last all night long if you want it to and the color really shines when used wet. The shimmer comes out to play much more and the color is vibrant!


Left: swatched dry Right: swatched wet

With a summer this hot, you need a color this bold.

Where to buy: online at Silk Naturals for $4.50




13 thoughts on “My favorite color is Neon…wait, Neuron?

      • I definitely do! Luke Bryan is my favorite country hottie though 😉 Have you ever heard of Glamour Doll Eyes? I love their loose shadow shadow in Sex Appeal…speaking of Luke Bryan! Haha

      • Ohmygosh, I agree! Luke Bryan is such a good looking country man. I actually haven’t heard of Glamour Doll Eyes! I’ll have to look them up! Is it a mineral make up company? And by the way, I love how you tied Luke Bryan in with the Sex Appeal eye shadow, too perfect!

      • Whenever he hits low notes my heart kind of flutters a little…don’t tell my bf haha and yes you definitely should they eyeshadows are amazing quality and so pigmented. I think they are yeah but I’m not sure. And thanks 😉

      • Haha! Your secret is safe with me :] My boyfriend doesn’t even begin to understand my obsession with country music! Although, I think Josh Turner has the key to my heart with his bass notes! I will definitely be checking those out! Thank you for the recommendation!

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