This cleanser is Solid!


Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser

What Sephora says: “This cleanser supports the integrity of the blender as well as removes excess residue and germs for a clean makeup application. Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.”

Hey everyone, it’s your long lost beauty blogger! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent for so long. I went on vacation for a week and really needed some time to wind down and spend some time with my family. I tried to take some pictures to put up a few posts but I was on the Oregon Coast and the weather would just not cooperate with me! It was cloudy most of the time and my pictures just weren’t doing the products justice. I’ll try to make up for the lost time this week!

Onto the Solid Cleanser! If you haven’t read my review about the Beauty Blender and how it has changed the way I do my makeup, definitely do so! This is the accompanying post and if you get the Beauty Blender, this little gem should be on your list as well. 


I used to wash my brushes with my natural and gentle shampoo until I found this. I was initially worried about the ingredients because it contains a coconut ingredient (my skin breaks out easily with coconut ingredients) but I figured that I was going to give it a try and see how my skin reacted. Thankfully I have had no issues with breakouts and my skin doesn’t seem to be irritated by it whatsoever! Heck yes!

The best way to describe how this bar feels is that it kind of feels like surfboard wax, just not as waxy and more smooth. This brush cleanser is so gentle and makes cleaning a breeze! All you have to do is wet your brushes with water and then gently rub the brush onto the Solid Cleanser and work it into a lather. After, rub the bristles with your fingers and really work the cleanser into it to get all of the dirt and grime off and then rinse it off with warm water. I usually only need to go through this routine once but sometimes I have to run my mineral makeup brushes twice through. My brushes are so soft after washing them and seem to dry quicker as well!

Now, you’re probably wondering if this works well with the Beauty Blender! It definitely was the best thing I could have bought for it! It gets rid of the tough makeup stains on it and gently cleanses it without making the sponge all rough and scratchy. My Beauty Blender feels soft to the touch and I’ve had no issues with any of it breaking off during the process either. I just wash it the same way as I do the brushes. After I’m done cleansing everything, I’ll gently rinse the Solid Cleanser after I’m done to get rid of any makeup reside and then lift up the cleanser bar and rinse off the little grill underneath it that catches all of the excess water.

This little cleanser really makes cleaning a breeze and is a wonderful addition to the Beauty Blender and your makeup brushes! It’s quick, easy and gentle on brushes! What more could a girl ask for?

Where to buy: online at Sephora and in stores for $15.95 and at Beauty for $16.50




2 thoughts on “This cleanser is Solid!

    • Tell me about it! I absolutely loathe washing my brushes usually but this makes it so much easier! Not to mention my brushes are soooo soft after! Definitely grab this up! :]

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