Thrills and Frills.


Silk Naturals Frills Eye Shadow

You guys are going to kill me. They apparently do not carry this color at Silk Naturals anymore, so I must have gotten this in the Last Chance pile and didn’t remember. This is one of the colors I bought for my sister for her graduation, and happens to be her favorite. I don’t know how I’m going to break the news to her that it’s discontinued! But like I’ve said before, pretty makeup is pretty makeup and this deserves to be shown.


Frills is a beautiful, glittery, ballerina pink! When used wet, the pink deepens and pulls a little bronze. It is extremely glittery and feels a little gritty once applied. It’s a little difficult to blend this when wet because of the glitter and it tends to clump up a bit until you really smooth it out.  This is one of the more troublesome Silk Naturals Eye Shadows I have come across, but I believe that even though it takes a bit to make it work, the end result is worth it.

It just dances on your eyes and almost looks wet when worn. The glitter really makes this whole look and even though I usually can’t stand glitter, I love it with this eye shadow. It makes an amazing base color and still isn’t too over the top for the day time. It would make a stunning highlighter for night time too! This color lasts all day without fading and creasing over primer just like the other Silk Naturals Eye Shadows I’ve tried. It’s truly a shame that this was discontinued.


Left: swatched dry Right: swatched wet

For some reason, I think it was the sand, this color looks almost taupe! I tried editing it and I honestly couldn’t get the pink to show up more at all. The closest dupe I can think of for this would be Silk Naturals Flourish but with more glitter. I might try to photograph this again later on in the day and see if I can get a better shot.

You can check out all of the pretty colors Silk Naturals has to offer online and you definitely should. They have become a staple in my kit and I plan on purchasing more very soon!




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