Face Mask Friday! Brighten your skin with rose!


Freeman Facial Brightening Rose Paper Mask

What Freeman says: “Serum infused paper facial mask with Rose Extract illuminates dull skin. White Tea and Licorice help reduce age spots for more even toned skin. Reveal a smoother surface with Lactic and Glycolic Acids. Perfect for dull skin types.”

My gosh, it feels like forever since I’ve done a Face Mask Friday post! For some reason my Fridays lately have been ridiculously hectic, so I am sorry about that. Hopefully they’ll clear up soon. Now, onto the mask! I am still absolutely in love with these paper masks, and my skin just soaks them up too (literally!) and if you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, get on it! There is still room for more!


This mask is definitely one of my favorites of the entire line. The ingredients, just like the others, are phenomenal! Niacinamide (second ingredient) helps erase discoloration and improves your skin elasticity. Ascorbic Acid (sixth ingredient) is Vitamin C helps with production of collagen and slows the rate of free radical damage.  Glycolic Acid (seventh ingredient) helps with exfoliation and help lighten dark spots, and Lactic Acid (eighth ingredient) helps fight acne as well as dark spots.  Rose Extract (nineth ingredient) helps moisturize, firm and also helps with hyperpigmentation.

As you can see, this mask is one heck of a powerhouse! It has a whole slew of ingredients that help with hyperpigmentation to help your skin look its best. Although, there are two downsides to this product. The first time I used it, it stung my eyes so bad that I could hardly keep it on my face for fifteen minutes. That has since not happened but I believe it had to do with the very strong smell from the rose extract. Second, the fit is awful. The chin is way too big and so is the forehead. However, if you can get past both of those difficulties, it is worth it. My skin calms down significantly after I use this mask and it feels very soothing. It is also extremely rich in serum and there is still plenty at the bottom of the package to massage into my skin after my facial is done. My skin feels very plump and moisturized! I have noticed my dark spots seem a bit lighter after each use, not dramatically, but enough to notice!


Seriously guys, these masks are amazing. If you have not tried them yet, get to Walmart! Most even have fifty cent off coupons so they’re not even a dollar! I swear I get 15 every time I go (Yes, I am THAT person!) because they are so worth it!

Where to buy: online at Freeman Beauty for $1.99 or in Walmart stores for $1.37 (without 50 cents off coupon)




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