Baby get your shine on!


Stila Sequins Sparkle Waterproof Eye Liner

What Sephora says: “These first-ever pigmented, waterproof, glitter, liquid eyeliners are super long-lasting and designed to stay put under any circumstance. Application is a breeze with an easy-to-use sponge tip applicator for a perfect, color-rich line, every time.”

I honestly cannot believe I have not written a post in over a week! I’m really sorry everyone! I have been so busy with getting everything ready for university, and now that I’m finally here I’ve still been running ragged. On a brighter note, I was able to bring my horse this year! Whoohoo! So I am one happy girl! I hope you all have been having a fantastic last few days of Summer and aren’t too stressed for Fall. Since it’s not Fall just yet, you should really head to your local Sephora and snatch this gorgeous liner up to take your final summer looks to the next level. Sparkle on ladies and gents, get ready to get your glitter on.


For those of you who have followed my blog for the past year and have seen my face of the days, it’s no secret that I adore cat eyes. They are my go-to for events and for date nights! However, this little liner really makes my eyes sparkle-literally. The silver glitter in this liner is so beautiful and I just can’t help but do a happy dance every time I wear it! Not to mention it is honest to God waterproof and budgeproof. This stays on all night, even if you’re a hot mess in the middle of August and are so sweaty from dancing that you can’t see anymore.

My only complaint about it is that I wish it was more opaque. You have to build it up a little and even then it can get a little streaky but once it sets, it stays. My favorite way to wear this liner is by pairing it with a different black liner underneath and then layering this on top. Works like a charm every time!


Seriously, I am so getting more of these. And you know what the best part is? They are for sale right now online at Sephora! You’re going to have to fight me for them though, so get on it!

Where to buy: in stores and online at Sephora for $13-$22




16 thoughts on “Baby get your shine on!

  1. I have one of the urban decay 24/7 liquid liners in retrograde. It’s purple with purple glitter in it…thought I’d hate the glitter but its so slight it’s beautiful. Now I need to check out these stila ones!

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