Little bit of devil in her angel eyes.


Silk Naturals Demon Eye Shadow

What Silk Naturals says about Demon: “Demon is a deep dark chocolate color with lots and lots of red glimmer.  It’s really fun as a liner, and if you’re daring it’s an amazing lid color for late night schenanigans.  Demon was inspired by the shower scene in the original Psycho when they used chocolate syrup as the blood because it looked the most realistic in black and white.  It’s made as a nod towards Halloween- a makeup gal’s favorite night!”

Does anyone else listen to country? If you do, I sincerely hope you get my title reference! I absolutely adore the band Love and Theft and I could not have thought of a better title for this eye shadow. The moment I saw Demon on Silk Naturals, I knew I had to have it! Those red and chocolate tones I knew were going to look wicked with my red hair and I was so right. I can’t wait to show you guys! 

Image Demon is such an apt name for this. The chocolate brown mixed with the red glitter (plut a little bit of green/blue) makes it look absolutely devilish. However, the glitter does tend to be a bit of a nuisance and cause fall out, especially when used dry. I like to use it wet to bring out more of the chocolate, but I found out that the red glitter also tended to clump up when wet, so it’s really important to pat it on first and then blend after. So with a little bit of TLC and a really good blending brush, it is a stunning color worth the extra time.


Demon applied wet


My friend Meghan (We have the same name! Crazy, right?) modeled for me because my eyes are super puffy and red right now. We used my favorite eye shadow primer underneath the shadow to increase the lasting power and make the color stand out more. It hasn’t creased or faded in over five hours, and I don’t expect it to until she washes it off to go to bed.

While this shadow might take a bit of work to get right, it’s worth it. I love pairing it with Sinner for an even more wicked combination.

Where to buy: online at Silk Naturals for $4.50




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