Lock and Load.


Urban Decay Ammo Palette

What Sephora says: “An eye shadow set featuring ten of Urban Decay’s bestselling shades—from neutral to vivid to all-out smoky.”

You all know me and color–half of the time I won’t even go near it. However, when my best friend Emily (fashionista over at Sekond-Skin!) said that she wanted to explore the world of color with her makeup, I was determined to help her find the best palette. The search led to Urban Decay and possibly one of the most versatile and easily wearable, playful color palettes I’ve ever come across. Em was hooked and surprisingly, so was I. 

ImageIf you’ve ever had the luck of feeling Urban Decays eye shadows, you know how smooth, pigmented and buttery they feel. This palette is no exception. Almost all of the colors had excellent pigment and swatched effortlessly.

‘Maui Wowie’ is described as a “metallic golden beige with silver glitter,” and it definitely is. It’s a color unlike anything I have in my stash, a neutral that can really stand out on its own. It does have some slight fall out. ‘Sin’ is described as a “champagne shimmer,” but I would say it has more pink in it than champagne. This color is in the Naked Palette and is one of my favorites. ‘Chopper’ is described as a, “copper shimmer with silver micro-glitter,” however, I barely see the silver micro glitter. It is a very warm copper and one of my favorites of the bunch. ‘Smog’ is described as a “deep copper bronze” and also happens to be in the Naked Palette. Combining Copper and Smog makes one of the most gorgeous golden smokey eyes.

‘Grifter’ is described as a “sheer lavender shimmer with silver micro-glitter” and is the sheerest of the bunch to me. It still has good color payoff but you do have to be careful not to buff it in too much because it is slightly on the powdery side. ‘Last Call’ is described as a “metallic sugar plum’ and is extremely pigmented. I’d describe it as a ruby and it really makes Emily’s green eyes stand out. I love this color! ‘Mildew’ is described as a “mossy green shimmer with gold shift” and you guys know me and my greens–I love them! This one is gorgeous and is so rich and warm.

‘Shattered’ is described as a “turquoise shimmer with gold shift” and is a very different shade. The gold shift makes it look a little dirty and it is powdery just like Grifter. ‘Polyester Bride’ is described as a  “white snow shimmer with silver micro-glitter” and is my least favorite of the bunch. The color is not a white snow shimmer, it’s a dirty white that leans a little yellow. However, it still had good color payoff. ‘Oil Slick’ is described as a “matte black with silver micro-glitter” and swatches a bit patchy at first but builds up with a few swipes. The silver micro glitter does tend to fall out more with the drier matte formula.

UD Ammo3 (2)

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this palette. You have neutrals, you have color and an excellent formula to boot. There is nothing not to love about this palette! If you’re looking for something to get you started with colors without going full out, this is definitely something you should look at. It also comes with a small brush and an travel size UD Primer Potion. Such a steal!

Where to buy: in stores and online at Sephora for $34




11 thoughts on “Lock and Load.

    • Dawn! You just made my day commenting!! 😀 I’ll have to give Polyester Bride another chance if it’s one of your favorites. I think I’ve seen you wear Grifter before! You’ll have to show me some of your favorite looks to wear with Ammo when I get back down to Boise!

      • And I have to single out how SPOT ON you are about Last Call !! I know lots of girls looking for this kind of color to complete their bombshell eyeshadow look!! It’s what’s up and coming right now!!

      • No way! It’s my favorite of the entire palette! I will definitely be grabbing it as a single when I come back down to Boise. It’s just so gorgeous! I hope they continue to make more colors like it, there needs to be more! 😀

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