Smokin’ hot.


Urban Decay Smoked Eye Shadow Palette

What Sephora says: “An Urban Decay take on the always-popular smoky eye, this 10-shadow palette includes traditional black and gray, as well as modern-colored hues for smoky eyes. Each velvety shade features Urban Decay’s new shadow formula and proprietary Pigment Infusion System™, allowing infinite depth to your eye looks, whether you commit to all-out nighttime smoky or just apply a hint of sultry smudgy color for daytime.”

Smokes and I are not friends, we’re more like casual acquaintances. Tell me to do a black smokey eye and I will run in the other direction! Let’s just say it’s not my thing, but for the girls who love rocking those bedroom eyes, you need this in your life. These shades will knock your socks off, and there’s a good possibility they’ll also knock the rest of your clothes off as well. 


This is another one of the gorgeous fashion blogger Emily’s palettes that she brought along with her that I got to play with for a few days. This palette just screams sexy and would be perfect for a night out. All but two of the shades (the mattes, Backdoor and Blackout) had excellent pigment and color payoff, true to Urban Decay’s standards.

I just have to say that I love Urban Decay’s names for their products. They’re so fun and scandalous! ‘Kinky’ is matte beige that is perfect for helping brighten the eyes and toning down a few of the colors into more wearable daytime looks. ‘Freestyle’ is a warm peachy tone that leans a little orange on my skin. ‘Mushroom’ is a stunning grey-ish taupe and definitely has the most glimmer out of the bunch. ‘Backdoor’ is a matte, cool brown and didn’t have much pigment. ‘Blackout’ is a matte black that had better pigment than ‘Backdoor’ but I still had to work at it to get the color to show up the way I wanted it to. ‘Barlust’ is a lovely deep copper with glimmer and ‘Rockstar’ is a deep, plummy purple. I love those two combinations together!

‘Evidence’ is a smokey blue and the glimmer makes it look almost wet. It’s an amazing color. ‘Loaded’ is a blackened green with slight glimmer and ‘Asphault’ is a steel, taupe-grey.


I would definitely say you could get away with using some of these eye shadows for daytime, especially if you blended them out or used them as a liner. ‘Kinky’ and ‘Freestyle’ would be especially easy to wear for work or school because they are daytime neutral colors. The other colors will definitely work to your advantage at night and steal the show wherever you go. Even with my aversion to smokes, this palette makes me want to try because of the gorgeous color combinations. Urban Decay really outdid themselves with this set,  there are so many possibilities.

For guys and gals looking to make an impact with smokes, this is the palette for you.

This palette comes with a full size ‘Perversion’ eye liner and a travel size Urban Decay primer potion as well, both favorites of mine.

Where to buy: online and in Sephora stores for $49




16 thoughts on “Smokin’ hot.

    • That’s how I am too Steph! I don’t usually like darker smokes but bronzes and brown smokey eyes? I’m all over those! I’m glad to meet another who loves those too 😀 This palette is extremely gorgeous though, and the jewel toned colors make a killer look!

  1. Ah, I’ve been trying to resist this palette, but it’s so pretty!! The fact that it comes with a full sized Perversion liner is huge… that’s almost half the price of the palette right there. I almost wish it came with another colour though, I have so many black liners already.

    • Just give in! 😀 Right? Perversion is great but their other liners are fantastic as well. Which liner would you have liked to see? I think a dark purple would have been awesome, something like Rockstar or Vice 🙂 A dark blue like LSD or Mainline would have been awesome too!

      • I love Perversion, but since I already have it…. I think a dark purple would have been awesome or a gunmetal silver!

      • I agree! I’m just bitter that I have Half Baked in 3 palettes… when that could have been Half Baked once, and two other pretties!

      • That seems to be such a popular one to put in those palettes! I agree with you though, they have so many other wonderful colors they could have used instead! Hopefully they’ll surprise us in the future! !

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