Amazing Grace


What LUSH says: “We believe everyone should have a Full of Grace as part of their skin care routine. Our solid moisturizing serum is packed full of hydrating tropical butters, calming chamomile and antioxidant mushroom extract to keep your skin in fantastic condition, all year round. Easily absorbed by the skin, Full of Grace creates a soothing treatment for the face. This preservative-free bar is a staple product; it’s the kind of treatment you should give your skin to maintain its elasticity, moisture and glow.”

A couple weeks back when I was in Chicago, my skin was absolutely ravaged from the harsh winds. I hadn’t experienced dry skin like that in a year! I had to stop using my Retin-A Micro and bring out all of my big moisturizing guns to help keep my skin in tip-top shape, and it still was barely enough. So I made at trip to LUSH to grab a bath bomb for Emily because she wasn’t feeling so good and I ended up coming back with face masks and this little beauty I’m about to show you. I swear, I can’t just walk into LUSH and not come out with something! This absolutely saved my skin in Chicago and turned my face from looking like a Draugr Deathlord who got hit by the Frost Breath shout and into moisturized skin worthy of the High Queen. Excuse the Skyrim references if you have no idea what I’m talking about. But if you do, I hope I my references painted a good picture at how bad my skin looked. 


When I walked into LUSH and explained my concerns to one of the skincare experts, they immediately lead me to Full of Grace. I had heard of it before but I’d never felt the need for it until then. What’s so fantastic about this little serum bar is that it contains Murumuru Butter, which is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin A. It helps restore skin’s elasticity and is gentle enough to hydrate skin affected by psoriasis and eczema. It also is made with Portobello Mushroom extract which is known to help with brightening dark spots and overall skin tone.

I know some of you are probably thinking ‘well that’s cool, but how do you use it?’ I admit, it looked a little strange to me at first too, but it’s really very simple. It’s a dry serum bar, so in order to be able to rub it onto your skin, you first need to rub it in between your hands until you feel it start to get oily. Then, you gently massage the oil into your skin and repeat the process until your skin is properly moisturized. A little goes a long way because it’s highly concentrated. This doesn’t feel like you just put the heaviest oil on either, it’s very light, so don’t worry about feeling like a grease face. This has not made me break out once since I’ve used it and has in fact helped my red spots from previous acne marks go away quicker. My skin stays moisturized even when I wash it off the next morning. There is no left over oily residue, I just feel and see soft, hydrated skin.

The only thing I wish I could change about it is the fact that it is a solid. I’m not a huge germaphobe but I always make sure my hands are clean before touching it because I don’t want to contaminate it. However, I think that it is truly a unique product and the fact that it is a solid is very convenient and easy to use.

LUSH Full of Grace 3

If you are suffering from dry to extremely dry skin, or feel like your skin needs an extra pick me up of moisture, run and grab this from LUSH. It’s absolutely phenomenal and I can’t believe I’ve lived without it until now.

Where to buy: in store and online at LUSH for $14.95




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