Hey baby, hey baby, hey!


YVES SAINT LAURENT Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll

What Sephora says: “Baby Doll creates a full open-eye effect by lifting and separating lashes. The patented formula creates long-lasting volume and intense color that is evenly dispersed with no flakes, clumps, or smudges for up to 24 hours. Reach every lash, including the baby ones for a full fringe effect. The brush has duo-length bristles that adapt to all lash types, separating, coating, and multiplying lashes for defined volume.”

Stop what you’re doing right now and head to your nearest Sephora to pick up this 100 point perk because this mascara is killer. I ended up getting two of them because I love it so much and I plan on probably getting two more (hey, I’ve got points so I’m going to use them!) and I don’t want to be without this. If you’re a fan of lashes that are sky high without clumps, you will love this. 


Bare lashes

I don’t have particularly bad lashes. They are not short but nor are they very long and curved. I usually prefer a volumizing mascara to help pump them up but at the moment I’m loving the separation this mascara gives me. This mascara is meant to lift and separate, and it does that extremely well. My lashes look perfect and most definitely doll like the mascara is intended to do. The wand is what makes this mascara so perfect. It has a bunch of tiny bristles that really comb through every lash and assure there are no clumps. The wand reminds me of Benefits ‘They’re Real’ mascara mixed with the flexibility of Maybelline’s ‘Define-A-Lash.’


After two coats of YSL Babydoll Mascara

The wear is extremely well and my lashes look amazing from day until dusk, but another coat is needed for extra drama at night and to refresh the black. The only problem I have with it is that you cannot build it back up very well when the mascara is dry. It will get spidery so I always refresh with a wetter and more volumizing formula for night, like L’Oreal Voluminous. Other than that, I barely have any problems other than a little smudging here and there on my lower lash line but it’s barely noticeable.

Would I buy full size? If I had the money I completely would. It’s a phenomenal mascara! But for now, I’m happy with my 100 point perk choice and plan on going back for more!

Where to buy: online and in Sephora stores for $30 for full size. It may be available at your local Sephora for a 100 point perk.




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