Review: Foreo Luna for Combination Skin


Foreo Luna for Combination Skin

What Foreo says: “An innovative skincare device that delivers deep cleansing via T-Sonic technology and anti-aging through lower frequency pulsations.”

Hey everyone! I am so sorry I have been gone for so long. I had absolutely no time for blogging while I was finishing my last semester of college sadly, but now I’m back and I’m ready to show you what I have been loving these few months that I have been gone!

My Foreo Luna has been an absolutely godsend to me ever since I purchased it back in October. I used to be an avid Clarisonic user for years but this had me hooked the moment I used it! ForeoLuna2

As longtime readers and friends know, I have suffered with acne ever since the fourth grade. That’s fourteen years of pure hell! I have tried everything from prescription drugs like Accutane and have even undergone 5 chemical peels to get rid of excessive scarring and existing blemishes. My Clarisonic helped me through the majority of my college years but most of the brush heads were much too harsh for my damaged skin. Not to mention, buying new brush heads was hard on a college budget!

This past year after reading multiple reviews regarding the Fore Luna, I decided to bite the bullet in October and purchase it. My skin was suffering due to lack of sleep, poor diet choices and a skincare regime that no longer worked for me. It was the perfect time to give it a go. There are three choices for the original Foreo Luna; the white Ultra Sensitive, the pink Sensitive, and the blue Combination. I chose the Combination for my blemished skin. The extra thick nubs at the top really cleanse deeply in the hard to reach pores on my nose and chin.

I initially broke out due to the deep cleansing power this was delivering to my skin. However, the breakouts quickly went away after continued use and I was left with clear, clean skin. I put my cleanser on the nubs, hit the button and away we go! The vibrations feel so soothing when I’m cleansing and it just glides across my face like a dream. I love that the little silicone nubs really work at getting the dirt and grime out of my pores while still being very gentle. You can also change the vibration speed by pushing the plus or minus sign on the bottom of the Foreo to cater to your skin’s needs. I usually have mine at the highest setting.

What’s also fantastic is that you don’t have to keep time of how long you’re cleansing, it keeps time for you and vibrates twice when a minute is up. After that you press the button once, rinse your face and then use the other side for the massage.


On the back of the Foreo Luna, there are these little half moon lines that go up the back. These are for massaging your moisturizing products into your skin. What I do is I put my moisturizer in large dots on specific sections of my face and then use the massaging side to rub it in for a minute or two. All you do is press the button again after you’re done cleansing and the vibrations switch to this side. It feels so heavenly!

But that’s not the only upside, these deep vibrations also help work the product into your skin as well as relax the facial muscles within your face. This in turn helps soften lines and over time helps with wrinkles.

Also, I love that this holds a charge for ages! I didn’t charge mine from October until February! The silicone nubs are also completely hygienic unlike the Clarisonic brush heads that you need to replace after 2-3 months. No more worrying if you’re brushing your face with your own old bacteria!

Seriously, this is amazing and I absolutely cannot live without my Luna. I wish I had a before and after of my face to show you what a difference this has made for my skin! I went from having a few acneic cysts on my face to completely clear skin within a month. Now I’m working on getting rid of my scars from over the years. I know my Luna will be helping me every step of the way!

Where to buy: online at Foreo for $199




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