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Welcome to Painted Lady Beauty blog!


My name is Meghan and I am a lover of all things beauty. I am an aspiring medical esthetician, and am enrolled at the Washington Laser Institute for January 2016. I graduated with my esthetics license at Aveda Boise summer of 2015. I also recently graduated from the University of Idaho with my bachelors of science in Psychology December 2014. I have a soft spot for bronzer, even on my NC15 skin tone. I want to show that no matter what skin tone you have, anyone can wear bronzer and not look like someone who just got done tanning on Jersey Shore. I also am a huge skincare fanatic and I always look up what is the latest and greatest new skincare on the market. I am a face mask fiend and make my own here on my blog. I have dealt with acne since I was in the fifth grade and am now only starting to get it under control, so I consider myself to have good knowledge of how to take care of acne prone skin. In my free time, I am an avid horseback rider, and a competitive Ultimate player (not Frisbee).



Chantell camera

This is the perfect description that our guest blogger Chantell came up with.

Makeup is an addiction, so like any other substance abuse it sometimes requires a help group. For Meghan and I, beauty blogging is the equivalent. Check out the site and get ready to get prettier!


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