Beauty Abroad

Hey lovelies! This painted lady has been abroad for the past few weeks! First Japan and now Korea! I am going to try and write a post soon but in the mean time, follow me on Instagram-paintedladybeauty-where I will be posting pics of my trip and sneak peeks of makeup and skincare I am trying out!

I will be back soon!




Even the devil has to look pretty.


I’m heading out to see a showing of the Vagina Monologues with a group of my close girlfriends and guy friends! I am absolutely so stoked, it will be the first time I’ve seen it! Here’s the look I’m wearing for it. Products will be up later! If you’re a bit worried about the title of my post, two of the eye shadows I’m wearing are called Demon and Sinner! But really, these are purely made of sin.   Continue reading

Autumn Tag!

Chantell and I

Hello from the Painted Ladies! It is officially fall here in Idaho and I am loving it! I absolutely cannot get enough of the colors, the weather and pumpkin flavored everything! Seriously, how can you not love fall? Excuse the blurry picture above. It was taken in a shaky car last year driving up to University but I just love this photo of Chantell and I! I was tagged by the lovely Luchessa, who I adore dearly. If you have not been by to check out her blog you are missing out! Go and show her some love! Now onto the tag!  Continue reading

What do two diamonds and two sisters have in common?


Happy Birthday to my wonderful and beautiful sister Angela. I cannot believe you are nineteen and moving away to college! I’m so glad we decided to bite the bullet (or I guess I should say, ‘face the needle’) and do what we’ve wanted to do for three years-get matching nose piercings! You are beautiful inside and out and I’m glad we did this together.



 I hope all of you lovelies are having an amazing Friday! Ange and I are going to go and celebrate now!

Love your newly pierced beauty blogger,


Cast a stroke of light under your eyes.


Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener Luminous 2

What Sephora says: “This illuminating tint provides sheer to medium coverage and blends seamlessly to conceal imperfections for a refreshed, radiant, even-toned look. It instantly illuminates and brightens the undereye area and visibly reduces fine lines and dark circles over time.” Formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalate, GMOs, Triclosan

My dark circles need some serious help. I hardly get enough sleep being a busy college student and even on the weekends I’m out partying well into the morning. I needed something that was going to help cover up all of those sleepless nights and this came to my rescue.  Continue reading

A palette, a park, and the most perfect day.


It’s been no secret that I absolutely love being twenty-one, but I was more than happy to trade in my adult privileges for five days of pure childhood amusement. Okay, so I didn’t completely hand over the booze, but I did get to act like a twelve year old and that was pretty awesome. Continue reading

Spring Tag!

Both Chantell and I were tagged by the lovely Saman from ColourObsession to do a post on some of our favorite spring trends and accessories. Spring has definitely left where Chantell and I are and has been replaced with our usual dry and hot summer. Luckily, these products will still be with us long after the hot sun has gone down. Continue reading

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards.

Hey everyone! These next two weeks are going to be horribly busy for both Chantell and I. Chantell is going on vacation to Florida (lucky her!) and I’ll be working on numerous projects and studying for finals, so posts will be a bit sporadic. I don’t think they will cease completely, but my focus is not going to be on blogging at the moment. I hope you understand and I promise we’ll be in touch very soon! :]



P.S. Please be sure to click “like” on my facebook page to regularly receive updates on my posts! I’ve been a bit more active on there just to keep up with my readers. Also, definitely follow me on twitter. I tweet a few times a day and I’d love to say hello to you all on there! Both links are on the right side of my page, hopefully you can find them! I miss you all!

Good as gold.


Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Or

Some of you may hate me again for featuring a limited edition item again, but I use this product so often that it deserves a mention. Back when I first dyed my hair red, I was noticing that a lot of colors didn’t seem to look as good on me anymore, especially cooler tones. I really started experimenting with an overall warmer look for myself and the moment I saw this, I knew I had to have it. I’m kicking myself for not getting a backup. Continue reading



flashback birthday, Harry Potter style of course

It’s me, Chantell (your bimonthly blogger), and I am hijacking Meg’s blog today to let you all know that it is her 21st birthday. That’s right, we’ve got another lightweight coming into the world of weekend drunks. So wish her a lovely-super-fabulous-extra-cheesy-with-the-dressing-on-the-side-incredible birthday!

Bitch birch, I love you, Chantell Nicole.