Dusty Rain


I’ve got the blues! Well, blues on my eyes that is! It’s been rainy, cloudy, hail-y and just down right icky up here in in the North. So instead of letting it get me down, I thought I’d play its game. Here’s what I used.  Continue reading


Punching Petals

Dance Night4

Here’s a quick FOTD for you! I’m heading out dancing and am going to be picked up in twenty minutes! Also, please excuse the awful lighting. I hope you can still make out the colors! It’s a lot more intense than it looks! Continue reading

Olive you.


Since it’s been ages since I’ve posted a face of the day, I figured I should really get back on that! Have I ever told you guys that I love the color olive? I really, really love it. So here’s a light olive look that I threw together for you. I got some gorgeous greens from Silk Naturals that I wanted to play around with and I’m extremely happy with the result. I hope you all love it! I’ll post products soon when I get back from the store!  Continue reading

Get jealous.


I’m heading off to the Pageant of the Masters down in Laguna Beach tonight and I wanted to post the look I’m wearing! I have been absolutely in love with greens lately, and I don’t think it’s going to end any time soon. I’m hoping to try it out with some gold soon, I can hardly wait to get out my brushes!  Continue reading

Some beach, somewhere! With a nose ring.


I’ve got a ring now!

It feels like I haven’t been out of the car in a month! Last week I was on the Oregon Coast and this week I’m down in Newport Beach California, where I grew up. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Here’s a really simply beach look I created today. Lots of gold to match the warmth of the sand and sun. Continue reading

Soulful Blues.


It happened. It finally happened. I got the courage to put some colors on my eyes other than my neutrals! And you know what? I actually love it. I never thought I’d be able to pull off blue eye shadow but I proved myself wrong. I’m happy that I kicked myself and did it, because this is now one of my favorite looks to date. Here’s what I used.  Continue reading

What do two diamonds and two sisters have in common?


Happy Birthday to my wonderful and beautiful sister Angela. I cannot believe you are nineteen and moving away to college! I’m so glad we decided to bite the bullet (or I guess I should say, ‘face the needle’) and do what we’ve wanted to do for three years-get matching nose piercings! You are beautiful inside and out and I’m glad we did this together.



 I hope all of you lovelies are having an amazing Friday! Ange and I are going to go and celebrate now!

Love your newly pierced beauty blogger,


Face of the Day!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a look. but I haven’t really had a camera to call my own. Well, I’m happy to announce that I finally do! I’ve been trying it out for the past few hours and I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of all of the functions yet, but here’s the best I’ve got so far.  Continue reading

Getting a little color.


I have to admit, I’ve been really frustrated with the quality of the color coming out of my photos. The color is not as vibrant as I wantit to be, and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong. If anyone has any tips on lighting to get the best color out of the shot, please let me know! Onto the look though! I was extremely inspired by the gorgeous Vera’s post yesterday on her Bronze and Green look that I decided to try one for myself! It’s a bit tamer than hers, but I wanted to play it safe. I did like how it turned out though and it’s furthering me toward using more color in my looks! Now if only the color showed up more on my camera!  Continue reading

Feeling Bare.


MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Bareness

What MAC says: “A liquid-powder blush with prismatic reflections in five shimmering shades. Impact ranges from sheer crystallized light to a highly polished metallic effect. Lasts up to 6 hours.”

This is the first MAC blush that I’ve ever owned, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed. When I first saw it reviewed on Temptalia, I immediately fell in love with it. Those of you who know me know full well that I really am not a huge fan of blushes at all. When I told Chantell that I wanted her to check this out for me, she was like, “You want me to look at a blush? Since when!?” However, I am glad I told her to check it out, because I’m actually quite smitten for it.  Continue reading