There’s a new favorite in town!


NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien

What Sephora says, “The Satin Lip Pencil dresses up lips in statement shades that seduce with rich, color-bright pigments, while drenching them in decadent moisture. This modern, long-wearing, vitamin-enriched formula for lips looks sumptuously saturated and dramatically defined.”

Seriously, I haven’t found a new favorite MLBB since my L’Oreal find a few years ago. But this beautiful shade has me mesmerized and my lips look better than ever! Continue reading


Take a bite out of this beauty.


BITE High Pigment Pencil in Chablis

What Sephora says: “Made with a double-dose of premium micronized pigments, this lip pencil delivers a modern matte look. This lip color delivers super antioxidant resveratrol, which fights free radicals with potent long-term antiaging benefits. Each lip pencil contains the amount of resveratrol found in five glasses of red wine. What it’s formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, Triclosan

Emily told me that she was looking for a lipstick that she could swipe on and walk out the door. Nothing too flashy but something to perk up her complexion in an instant, even when she wasn’t wearing makeup. So we went on a treasure hunt in Sephora, and the many swatches my arm made me look all shades of fabulous. Seriously, I came out of there looking like I just went through a makeup battle zone. But you know when you find the right lipstick, it just feels right? This was it and the moment we swatched it. we knew we had found the one we were looking for.  Continue reading

Pass the Bubbly.


LUSH Liquid Lipstick in Bubbly

What LUSH says: “A fun, flirty pink that has a subtle shimmer. Wear it lightly for a more translucent look, or apply generously for a brighter color that reminds you to be cheerful and high spirited. The moisturizing jojoba oil and rose wax base ensure lips stay soft and smooth. Because this creamy lipstick is so versatile, many of us have been using it as a blush. Just dot a small amount on the cheeks and blend well. Bubbly; Laugh out loud.”

I will admit, this was not one of the colors that was chosen for me when I spun the Emotional Brilliance Wheel at LUSH. I know, I’m such a cheater. But, it was just too beautiful not to add to my bag! I loved the name, the color and once I put it on my lips I knew I was sold. It’s such a bright and fun hot pink for summer, and if you don’t have a flirty pink for summer, get on this ASAP.  Continue reading



L’oreal Color Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry

What L’oreal says: “Indulge your lips with Colour Riche® Balm. This tinted lip balm provides a hint of luscious, kissable color, smoothing lips instantly and for a full 8 hours of continuous hydration. Lips are softer and more supple all day long—and keeps conditioning even after it’s been removed.”

I cannot tell you how much I love these balms. This was another color that I bought during my Walgreens shopping spree (read about that funny story here) and I am so happy that I have it. If you still haven’t picked one of these up yet, you need to. You’re missing out.  Continue reading

Have your cake and put it on your lips too!


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake

Revlon describes it as a- “Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips.”

This was another lip color that I bought during my Walgreens haul (funny story right here) that I knew I was going to love. I have a huge soft spot for pinks, especially baby pinks and this color is right up my alley. My pink lipstick obsessed alley that is.  Continue reading

Dark Goddess FOTD


So stoked to go dancing!

I’m heading out swing dancing for a Lindy Hop flash mob at our local club! I thought I’d keep it minimal on the eyes but go dramatic on the lips, kind of like they did back in the 20’s. Instead of wearing a traditional red lip, I brought out my sultriest burgundy and I swear, I feel like a million dollars when I wear this. I fall in love with it every single time! I hope you’re having a great night!  Continue reading

A tastefully done nude lipstick.


MAC Creme d’ Nude Lipstick

What MAC says:”Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.”

Every year for Christmas, Chantell buy each other a lipstick. This year, I realized I didn’t own a nude lipstick, so off we went to Sephora! Unfortunately, I didn’t find a single nude I was looking for. They had too much brown, or pink, and some even had traces of orange! Yuck! They had nothing in Nakedology either, so off to MAC we went. What I found was exactly what I was looking for, and I mentally smacked myself for not going there first. This is the perfect non-dead looking nude lipstick I’ve ever found, I absolutely adore it.  Continue reading

Cupid’s got a shotgun.


Put your lips together like this and kiss.

Let me preface this by saying… happy freaking Valentine’s day.

I may not be a fan of the great big day of cliches and sappy love songs, but whenever there’s an excuse to buy a new lip color, I’ll take it. Besides being a blush-whore, lipstick is probably my next obsession. Seriously, I need help. But there’s this little conflicting problem. I’m also a sucker for a good make-out sesh and most guys don’t exactly fancy looking like they themselves put on a raspberry hue. That’s why for the day of darkness V-Day I suggest a stain that doesn’t transfer. (Why am I even being nice to these boys?) As an added benefit for the smooching Jack Black makes an amazingly TINGLY lip balm. That minty coolness is just sensational on your lips… and that plump pair you’ve being dying to nibble all night. Continue reading

Isn’t this just peachy?


Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

There’s a funny story behind this lipstick. My boyfriend had won $250 to Walgreens at a Business Competition (I know, weird prize, right?) and since he didn’t know what to buy there, he brought along his best friend and me to split it with him. Bad idea. I ended up using $120 of it to buy makeup-just makeup. When they rang up the bill, my boyfriend had no clue how I could spend that much at the drugstore, let alone half of it be on lipsticks! Let’s just say I’m lucky he loves me that much and is still with me even though I’m completely addicted. At least I use everything I bought! This little gem is perhaps my favorite color out of all! Continue reading