Live long and flourish.


Silk Naturals Eye Shadow in Flourish 

What Silk Naturals says: “Flourish is a sheer pale gold glimmer.  It’s lovely and ethereal as a lid wash, or great for adding a little oomph on top of your look.”

I just saw the new Star Trek Movie last night ‘Heart of Darkness’ and ohmygosh is it good. Plus, I kind of have the hots for Benedict Cumberbatch (the bad guy) and so that made it even better. He plays such a good bad guy. Anyway, I’m a bit on a Star Trek rant right now if you can’t tell from my title but I’m sure most of you are wanting to see this gorgeous shadow already!


Flourish is the shade I ended up picking for free. If you spend more than $30 at Silk Naturals, you are able to pick out your choice of a free eye shadow! Nothing more awesome than that. This shadow is stunning! I’ve mainly just used it as a sheer wash of color and it gives my face the perfect glow and really perks up my complexion. The color is a warm, shimmery golden pink and is just perfect for summer. You all know how much I love my neutrals and this is no exception. It is rather sheer when used on its own, so if you want to get more color out of it you will have to use it wet. It’s very easy to blend and the staying power is amazing with all of the Silk Naturals eye shadows I have tried! This stay on all day with a primer and stay on considerably well when used wet without a primer as well.


Left: swatched dry Right: swatched wet

This has become my go-to shade for summer and makes my summer makeup look so effortless. You need to have this in your makeup bag, it’s fool proof and stunning. Maybe I can even snag Benedict Cumberbatch by winking at him with Flourish on. Be back later, getting on the Enterprise and heading to London to go and prove my hypothesis.

Where to buy: online at Silk Naturals for $4.50



P.S. Here’s a picture of him. Could he be any more handsome?


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